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27th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama



Let's not talk about Ukraine and Russia for a moment. After all, there is still plenty of crazy stuff going on at home, right in the heart of Europe. For example: Did you know that Europe's unelected "president" Charles Michel has been quietly re-elected last week?


Let's be precise for a moment: Technically, he is not the "President of Europe" since such a post does not in fact exist (even though many people, including Michel himself, clearly seem to think it does). In fact, his title is officially "President of the European Council", even though he and his colleague/rival Von der Leyen like to present themselves to Europe as if they were the real head-of-state of the EU. Think about it:

  • He visits foreign presidents like Erdogan;
  • He has a call with Putin to ask him politely if he maybe would like to withdraw his troops from Ukraine, if it's not too much trouble; He preaches about European unity and solidarity and democracy (even though he himself is unelected);
  • And he is officially called the "President of the European Council", even though - technically speaking - he is employed as a European civil servant whose only job it is (or should be, at least) to facilitate the working of the Council's meetings. Having tea with presidents is not something a civil servant does. So he is clearly doing more than his official job description requires, or even allows.

Despite the fact that he's a civil servant who calls himself 'President of Europe', it is important to remember that he is not elected by the people, but appointed by the Council. That is important to keep in mind! After all: This is Europe's much lauded "democracy" really works.


So last week Michel was quietly "re-elected" as President of the European Council. But was this a real election, where European people could go to the ballot box to together figure out who should lead the Union? What do you think?

The answer is obviously: NO! After all, the only people who are allowed to vote on his appointment are the members of the Council: The assembled heads of state of Europe. Who happily extended his mandate as 'President of Europe' for another disastrous 2,5 years without any fuss or discussion and largely as a formality. To underline that any kind of democratic decision making really had nothing to do with it, it is worthy of note that Michel was "re-elected" unanimously and without any opposing candidate. According to a French government official: 'I am not aware of any interested parties other than the current President' ... But then, who even knew this vacancy was open? Did you? Of course not, because the EU in-crowd reserves the really cushy (and well-paid) jobs for themselves and their little friends.

In itself, this would not even be a problem if the EU were merely the international organisation it claims to be, with the aim of managing European economic & political cooperation. But the EU is not that. After all, if the EU were merely an economic/cultural bloc, then it would not need, for example, a European Parliament, an "EU Ministry of Foreign Affairs" (the "European External Action Service" EEAS), nor plans for a European army of its own, nor a unified European border guard - Frontex, not even a Rule-of-Law mechanism that is unleashed without mercy on Europe's more socially conservative member states ... The reality is that the EU has always been a political project with the aim of making Europe one united superstate. The whole purpose of the EU is political, more than economic: The EU's economic unification through the common market, the euro and so on, are all part of the EU´s desire to create a single, united European superstate. That is the meaning of the EU's slogan: "Ever great union".

And a United Europe might not even be such a bad idea, if it's properly democratic. The fact that the EU is currently going full steam ahead towards political unification, while blindly ignoring actual democracy is, however, nothing less than hypocrisy: A cynical power grab by a small circle of unelected bureaucrats. The fact that the ringleaders of this extended "coup d'état" are all failed politicians who are only in Europe because they cannot get a job in their own countries any more, makes it worse! Because it means that the European Union is currently led by the worst of the worst that Europe has to offer: Politicians who have shown that they are nothing short of incompetent, which is why they were banished by their own people to Brussels.

The fact that the endgame of the EU is the dream/nightmare (depending on your personal view, but with people like Von der Leyen, Charles Michel and Verhofstadt in charge, it's so much more likely to be a nightmare) of a united "European Federation", which is a kind-of continental European federal republic, makes it unacceptable that the de-facto rulers of the EU are not directly elected by the people, but only by a shadowy club of WEF-affiliated politicians who are considered a liability and a bad joke by the people in their own country ...


And Michel, more than any other Eurocrat, is considered a liability and a bad joke. Absolutely nobody seems to think he is capable of doing the job he's been given. With good reason, after all, Michel's behaviour of the past 2,5 years has drawn oodles of criticism and derision, with good reason! This is a man who, after failing as Prime Minister in his own country (Belgium), is doing it all over again as "President of Europe". The fact that his presidency of the past 2,5 years has been little more than a big ego trip, during which he has repeatedly shown his inability to solve even simple problems (remember the completely unnecessary embarrassment of "Sofagate"?) proves that he is the WORST possible person to lead the Union: Charles Michel, the unelected clown of Europe.

But of course, that is the real reason why he has been "re-elected" by the Council. After all, European government leaders do not want a strong, intelligent, charismatic EU president who is capable of using his brain; so they chose the candidate they wanted. They chose Michel.


But that is horrible, isn't it? After all, we at the EFP love Europe (but not the corrupt and failing EU, which needs to change and evolve!) and we want Europe become independent, strong, free and democratic again!

However, that will NEVER happen as long as the Union is still ruled by a bunch of shadowy autocrats who divide the cushy jobs among themselves in the back rooms and board rooms of Brussels, it will NEVER happen as long as the EU preaches loudly about "democracy" but remains completely undemocratic itself, that will NEVER happen as long as European politics is still organized through nepotism and the old boys' network. That is why we need a new kind of politics, for Europe.

Do you want real democracy & freedom in Europe?

Do you want a new generation of European leaders who actually

Europe? Then join the European Freedom Party  at &


17th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


Several independent sources have informed us that the Ukrainian government is making cynical use of the state of war in their country to speed up the introduction of a Chinese-style social credit system, which includes a digital identity & Universal Basic Income linked to vaccine status, all bundled together in a social credit app, called дія ("Diya").

In practice, this means that the Ukrainian government will deposit 1000 Hryvnia (about 30 euros) to any citizen over the age of 14. But only if they can show they're vaccinated... This program was kicked of by pres. Zelinski in December 2021, as a "cash for jabs" program meant to bribe a reluctant Ukrainian public into taking the jab.

It has, however, been accelerated as a result of UA switching to a war economy, which was announced by UA Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, which includes the inroduction of an "eDocument" which contains citizens' ID information linked to a QR-code, "just in case"...

In his speech, mr. Shmyhal announced these measures, which are eerily in line with the "digital transition" advocated by the World Economic Forum and the neoliberal ruling elite of the EU, and also confirms that this money will only be available to people who can prove their vaccination status. Which is clearly discriminatory, but the injustice of which is overlooked under the cloak of the War Economy.

Just to repeat the point: This is a program instituted by and expanded upon by the UA government; and announced by the Prime Minister of that country. Which makes it information straight from the original source, not a conspiracy theory.

So, while Ukrainian families are being bombed to bits by Russian guided missiles and heavy artillery, their government sees this not as a time to pull together and forget all differences, but as the perfect time to start pushing the Great Reset. Is this really what the Ukrainians are fighting for?

At the same time, the president who instituted this program, pres. Zelensky, is lauded as a hero around the world. Maybe he is. It is so hard to verify anything that is going on in Ukraine right now. So what DO we know for certain? Let's review the absolute facts:

Russian forces have invaded Ukraine (both Russia & Ukraine confirm this after all)

Zelensky is a member of the WEF, which is an organisation that pushes an insane globalist agenda (in which you will "own nothing and be happy!" and is dedicated to, in their own words: "infiltrating governments around the world". But let's not forget: Putin is also a WEF member.

Putin deserves to end up in The Hague, but so do proven liars and bloodthirsty Western "leaders" as Blair, Bush & Obama

Any program that discriminates on the basis of health or compliance is just plain evil!

Ordinary Ukrainian people are suffering because of cynical politicians playing chess with their lives and the fate of nations...

In the end, it is always the politicians who are the problem, who don't give a damn about the people they were elected to represent, but only care about the size of their bank accounts.

This is why it is important we fight these bastards on their own turf. This is why we need to work together to get a bunch of freedom fighters into the EP who will call out the self-serving hypocrisy and the lies; and who will work for real solutions, for a free, democratic and independent Europe.

Are you one of those?

#MEGA #EFP #FreeEurope

10 March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


Did you know that US Undersecretary of State (i.e. "US vice-minister of foreign affairs") Victoria Nuland appeared before a committee of the US Senate today, where she - while under oath - confessed that there are indeed biolabs in Ukraine containing dangerous pathogens.

Why is this interesting? Because the US government (backed up by its global media propaganda machine) has always maintained that these biolabs in Ukraine did not exist; and that the US has no stake in them. In fact, the world's fact checkers have done their best to label the rumours of the existence of these labs as "fake news" and "Russian and Chinese propaganda", because it was Russia and China who raised questions about the existence of America's biological weapons research program around the globe. In other words: The US has been caught in a lie and is trying to wriggle out of it.

Some things to remember though: The Wuhan bioweapons facility which is coincidentally located in the exactly the same place the covid virus originates from is run by the Chinese state, but built with American and European help and funding. The same kind of help and funding that the US has been providing to ex-soviet countries like Ukraine and Georgia... The US government has a long history of illicit and illegal black operations around the world, even in Europe!

This does not change the fact that invading someone else´s country is just plain wrong, as it destroys the lives of innocent Ukrainians who have nothing to do with any of this. But at the same time, it does make the righteous anger of the US and EU seem two-faced and fake.

Maybe Europe just needs some leaders who are willing to be moral and ethical; and who will never allow the Yanks with their unethical and frankly insane research to set foot on European soil again!

Some sources: /

You want an independent, moral and honest Europe too? Then stay tuned to & to find out what we can do together.

10 March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


In the Netherlands, a tenant is evicted from her rental apartment, because she is Russian. In Flanders, Russian students are banned from receiving financial aid for their schooling. In Munich, a Russian conductor is fired because he will not openly condemn Putin. In Wales, a Tchaikovsky festival is cancelled by the Cardiff Phil. Orchestra because it is "unsuitable at the moment because of Ukraine". In the UK, a MP calls for Russian children to be banned from British schools ... The list goes on.

While it is certainly justified to condemn the invasion of Ukraine as "just plain wrong", it looks more and more like banning Russians and all things Russia has lately become Europe's favourite past-time, evolving into a continent-wide attempt to erase Russia from the map.

Is this really who we are? Is this what Europe is all about in the end? Ethnic discrimination? Wasn't the EU supposed to be created so we could move away from exactly that stain on our moral character?

Clearly not.

Moreover: Do we really believe that punishing Russians living in Europe will somehow force Putin to call off his army in Ukraine? Does this make any sense, knowing that the influence of the average Russian on the politics of their president is about as great as the influence of the average European on the politics of Ursula von der Leyen: 0. Absolutely naught. Nada. Rien du tout. Helemaal niks. If we think about this for a moment, isn't this Europe-wide pogrom against Russians living in Europe just grist for Putin's mill? Just more ammo for his propaganda machine? As he can now point at Europe and say: "See, they hate you because you're Russian, the hypocrites, that makes me your only choice, your saviour of Russia!"

Not only is this wave of officially legitimized Russia-hatred (because it's sanctions, innit?!) likely to work incredibly counter-productive, it is also - and perhaps even more importantly - utterly hypocritical and dishonest!

Europe is supposed to have gone beyond dirty tactics like refusing education to children because of their ethnicity, or even because of the crimes of their parents; and we're supposed to be bigger than kicking ladies out of their rental apartments because they've committed the horrible crime of having the wrong nationality!

Let's be honest: Nobody sheds a tear because a bunch of Russian oligarchs are stripped of their football clubs and mega-yachts (although its a bit weird that at the same time American oligarch Bezos' mega-yacht is apparently so special that the city of Rotterdam is willing to demolish a historic bridge to let it pass through, because the damn boat is too bloody big to sail under it! ) but these aren't just the ultra-rich and powerful who are affected by this pogrom, but also the many Russian have-nots living in Europe.

In the end Europe must be more than a society where rampant propaganda-induced ethnic hatred can just be allowed to rear its ugly head like that. Again. We've already had more than enough of that in our long and sad and bloody history. It is time to go beyond the hatred. It is time to stop listening to the war hysteria and the lies of our own highly untrustworthy politicians. Instead, it is time for Europe to go back to its own basic principles: Freedom and democracy It is time for Europe to elect a new generation of leaders, who are actually moral and principled and who actually Europe! Condemn Putin's invasion, condemn his cruelty, his corruption and his arrogance, condemn his stinkingly wealthy friends, but don't condemn the average Russian, who is just as taxed, exploited and downtrodden as the average European. Know who the enemy is: Corrupt politicians everywhere

Let's Make Europe Sane Again! with the #EFP at t./me.eurodemocracy. #FreeEurope #MEGA

Some sources: & &

07 March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


This page is called "the European Freedom Party", but what does "European Freedom" really mean?

It means:

  • No internal EU passport system, such as the Pass Sanitaires/CSTs/QR-codes/etc. NEVER AGAIN!
  • The freedom of every European citizens to go wherever he or she wants to!
  • Freedom from fear, through a strong, resilient and ethical Europe that can deter any enemy
  • The freedom to say what you think and call things what they really are, without fear of getting cancelled by the mob.
  • Freedom from fear for the future of our children, but a Europe where families are important again!
  • No grey, cultural "eurosausage", but respect and protection for our linguistic and cultural wealth & identities!
  • No more unelected "EU presidents" (like "Empress Ursula" & Clown Michel), but true, direct democracy!
  • No more military & economic dependence on Russia, China & the US, but true European independence & autonomy!

European Freedom means the freedom to live our lives the way WE see fit!

Want to stay up to date with our efforts to reconquer Europe for freedom, direct democracy & common sense? Then stay connected through: &

#FreeEurope #EFP #MEGA

6th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


For those of you who have stuck with this website from the very start (which started out as a telegram group, about a year ago, see the original here, you'll have noticed how we've changed & evolved over the past year: Beginning as a purely informational channel (called "European Democracy & Reform" dedicated to exploring the incredibly complex & near-incomprehensible history of the European political project & its institutions) to an embryonic group for European reform: the European Freedom Party #EFP

We thought it was a necessary change, because providing information & knowledge just isn't enough any-more in a European Union that is fundamentally flawed; instead we need to take action to fix our own problems

Because of this evolution, you will discover many interesting things on this page, which cover different angles and different opinions, some of which may appeal to you, some of which may not ...

But stick with us! As some thing never change:

  • We're EU-skeptic, but love Europe !
  • We're all about direct democracy!
  • We still believe in human beings with freedom & human rights!
  • We will always be against ANY internal passport system for the EU, such as the CST, pass sanitaire, QR-codes, and so on ...
  • We care about real European cooperation & independence!
  • We expose EU corruption & fight to get rid of the EU's current corrupt and autocratic Elite!

Want to discover how we intend to bring freedom and democracy back to Europe? How we want to make Europe something you can be proud of again? Then stay tuned to: &


#EFP #MEGA #FreeEurope #Europa

5th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama



MEP Verhofstadt organized his highly select "Conference on the Future of Europe" to which only 800 selected citizens were invited, out of 450 000 000 Europeans!

Now president Macron has invited all European heads of state for a summit on increased European defense (which is high bloody time!) as well as a "new European economic model".

What's striking about this is that the idea of actually asking the people of Europe (i.e. you & me) what they want, through a referendum on the future of Europe, is never even considered It doesn't have to be hard though. Because what do YOU really want for the future of Europe?

  • a Federal European "superstate" that can kick some ass?
  • a "new European Economic Community" of cooperating sovereign states?
  • Or to continue on with the defunct sui-generis Union?

This should be YOUR choice, not the politicians'! So what do you think? What do you want? Let us know!

Info: &


5th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


By the way, these are "our European leaders", all autocrats cosying up together, just so you know -->

Now ask yourself this: Would you trust any politician who would be comfortable sitting in front of a red communist flag?

Stay independent! #MEGA #EFP #FreeEurope

5th of March 2022 | by Erik Schrama


What the Russians are doing in Ukraine is wrong. No doubt about that. You can't just invade somebody else's country just because they don't want to be your friend any-more. Just like what the US did in the Middle East was wrong. You can't just bomb and invade somebody else's country because you're looking for oil, or because you don't like their religion. Just like what China is doing in Xinjiang is wrong. You can't just subjugate an entire people just because you're looking for a cheap source of labour, or because you don't like their religion.

Right now, all of Europe is howling for vengeance against Russia, while remaining curiously quiet about the inhumane and reckless stuff the US and the PRC have been up to ...

The Russians are definitely not the good-guys here (do you remember the levelling of Grozny?), but neither are the Americans, nor the Chinese!


Have we really forgotten that the US talks a lot about "justice and freedom for all" but at the same time engages in:

And what the PRC is up to ... An economy based on slave labour and mind control through near-total surveillance and absolute obedience to the state; a truly Orwellian nightmare that makes 1984's Oceania seem like a bunch of bumbling amateurs


Yet these are our "allies". The US still has thousands of soldiers stationed on European soil (just like the Russians have, by the way), while several countries (such as Italy, Serbia and - in part - the Netherlands) have signed onto China's belt-and-road plan for total economic and cultural domination! The result of which has been an economic atom bomb thrown on Europe's ability to take care of itself, as virtually all our industry has moved to China!

The question is this: Why are we still dealing with these insane people? Why are we listening to governments that have a long history of bad faith, irresponsible behaviour and absolute no respect for human life? Why are our "leaders" happy for our countries to remain at the mercy of these maniacs?


What is the solution? For Europe to become truly independent of the rest of the world. To become a power in its own right, a self-sufficient block that nobody can mess with.

And we can do it too! But only if we stick to our own principles of democracy and freedom! Only if we show NO TOLERANCE for corrupt politicians in our own ranks! Only if we force the current rotten EU leadership out and get the chance to vote in new people who actually care about the people of Europe!

But to do that, we first need to get real democracy in the EU, we need to fight for the right to choose.

Do you want to see a real and democratic Europe? Then stay tuned to &

#freeEurope #MEGA #EFP

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10 november 2021 | Erik Schrama


The environment is important. Left or right, that's a proposition everyone can agree on.

Although ...

Right now, the "leaders" of the world are gathered at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss how bad things are with the planet (and what they can personally do to make it even worse) ... And of course, the unelected "President of Europe" Ursula von der Leyen is there again to lecture us about how bad humanity is for the climate and what we should do about it.

One of the measures proposed by the EU is to put an end to aviation: "You can't fly with us, but take the train instead."

A nice idea in itself. After all, planes are big polluters ... (Although it is true that Europe's national railways, such as NS, after the sweeping neoliberal privatisations pushed through by the EU in recent decades, have far too little manpower, budget, capacity or even lines left to take over from the airlines. However, reality does not matter ... )

That is why it is strange that "euro empress" and climate knight Ursula von der Leyen flew to the climate conference in her private jet

Concern for the climate is clearly something Ursula does not really care about. What do you call that? HYPOCRISY!

NOW it appears that Ursula regularly hops around the world in her private jet, even over distances so short that the train is really an option ... Is 50 kilometres long enough to take your private jet? For Von der Leyen and her EU bozos, it clearly is, despite the fact that this is roughly the distance between The Hague and Leiden, or Amsterdam and Haarlem; and that we normal people would just take the train, car or maybe even a taxi for such a trip. This behaviour by our nobody-elected "European president" shows the contempt that the EU feels for normal Europeans: The rules apply to the rabble, while the political Elite gets to do whatever they want....

But how on earth can you take seriously a politician whose mouth is full of "democracy" and "human rights" but who herself was not elected by anyone?

And how can you take seriously a pedantic climate knight who constantly lectures us about the "climate crisis" and "how we will have to give up our luxuries to save the climate" but who in the meantime travels the world in her private plane?

Isn't it high time for a new generation of leaders who do follow their own rules?

Isn't it time for effective environmental protection that actually works (instead of the commercialisation of pollution set up by previous UN conferences)?

Isn't it time to reclaim our independence from the EU with its institutional corruption? And to tear down and replace the EU brick by brick

n te vervangen door een nieuwe vorm van Europese samenwerking die wél werkt?


Word daarom lid van de #NRP via om de verandering vandaag nog in te zetten!

#NRP / #stemnrp en stem tégen #corruptie in de #Eu en de #politiek en vóór échte bescherming van ons #milieu

5th of March 2022| by Erik Schrama


Couldn't agree more with that statement:

We need a new European Renaissance (a 2nd one) where people start becoming independent, creative and fearless again

#MEGA #FreeEurope #EFP

EFP, for free Europeans! Check it out at:


26th of November 2021 | by Erik Schrama


And meanwhile in Europe's War on Democracy:

The Latvian parliament, the Saeima, has now banned politicians who have refused to be vaccinated from voting, debating and even speaking:

Sad, but not exactly surprising.

Can we expect the same in the rest of Europe?

With undemocratic "leaders" such as Von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Rutte, De Croo, Draghi, and so on, this seems likely.

The fact that MEPs were already banned from the European parliament if they didn't have a covid app, shows just how little importance the ruling elite of the EU places on personal freedom, bodily autonomy and choice.

Our conviction: Vaccinations must always be a choice; and you cannot be allowed to muzzle the opposition. That is why you should join the European Freedom Party, because an independent, vocal and broad opposition in Europe is more important now then ever!

22nd of November 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Without exaggeration, without extreme language, we have to conclude that Australia has completely lost its way as a "democratic" state. This does not come as a surprise, but it is still shocking.

What has happened again NOW?

The Northern Territory government has announced in a press conference that they have 'immediately escalated a hard lockdown on these communities'.

What does this mean?

According to the Northern Territory spokesman:

✔ "That the residents of Minjari and Rockhole villages no longer have the 5 reasons to leave their homes. They may only leave for medical assistance, in an emergency or when required by law."

✔ "Residents are being transferred today, either as positive cases or as close contacts."

35 people have been identified and are being transferred at this time.

✔ "Thankful for assistance from some 20 Australian Army personnel and Army trucks to transfer positive cases and contacts."

What does this mean?

✔ The Northern Territory is the only part of Australia where there is a majority Aboriginal population. "The communities" means Aboriginal people. Who have been specifically singled out for this new harsh lockdown because they have reason to distrust medical research by the Australian government...

✔ People are now literally prisoners in their own homes, not even allowed to go outside to get food. So starvation is better than covid?

✔ The Australian army has been deployed to remove civilians from their homes and transfer them to a 'quarantine facility', whether they want to or not.

People are being arrested not because they have committed a crime, but because they are suspected of being in the vicinity of someone who is ill ... So these are arbitrary arrests by the army.

✔ This is not hysteria, but a press conference of the Australian Government. So a primary source, truthful.

What does this mean for the Netherlands?

Governments around the world (including the Netherlands) have previously promised that such things will never happen. Just as QR codes and the pass society would never happen ...

But the "democratic state" of Australia has shown that Western democracy is in question. If the citizens of a Western democracy can be deported on a suspicion of covid proximity, then it is reasonable to conclude that the Netherlands also runs the risk of sinking into the quicksand of a totalitarian police state.

That this risk is real is proven by this cabinet, which resigned months ago, but still hasn't gone away ... And thus underlines their disrespect for the principles of our democracy once again.

That is why we need a broad, democratic counterweight in European politics, before it is too late!

Therefore, become a member of the Europen Freedom Party  today, via

For freedom!

5th of March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Right at this moment the European Parliament is discussing the extension of the CST/Green Pass/Pass Sanitaire/QR-code system.

Don't be fooled: this is an internal passports system, just like the SU and pre-democracy South Africa used to have. Which is why it needs to go!

We can already guess that the EP will agree to extend it, as the EP hasn't shown much backbone till now.

We, however, can tell the EP what we think about it. Via this link

So please give the EU your opinion, tell them what you really think, and let's Make Europe Free Again

#MEGA #freeEurope #EFP

5th of March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Have you noticed how the pro-EU crowd in Brussels is actually cheering right now, as they seem happy and excited by whatever it is that's going on in the Ukraine? There seems to be a real war-hunger in the EU, to the point where the EU is acting more and more like a fully fledged government instead of the economic block it has always claimed to be.

Did you know, for instance, that some of the decisions taken by the EU the past few days include: Buying weapons and fighter aircraft to donate to the Ukraine Banning Russian media-outlets such as RT and Sputnik.

Do you also get the feeling that we're very close to the EU deciding to send European soldiers to go fight the Russians in the Ukraine, under common European flag?

Now, there can be little doubt that Putin is a cynical, corrupt and untrustworthy politician (just like the ones we've got in Europe ...); but we're not going to talk here about Putin's decisions or what he has done, instead we're going to discuss what Europe has to gain from this conflict:

Did you know that December last year, the Conference on the Future of Europe concluded, with the conclusion that Europe should be transformed into a Federal European Republic? This is the end-goal that Brussels is clearly aiming for.

The only problem for them, of course, is how to make it reality? As many (if not most) Europeans are unlikely to agree to the undemocratic absorption of their native countries into a giant European Superstate; and the Brussels' crowd clearly don't want to take the chance of a real, democratic cross-continental vote on the matter, where ordinary people actually get to voice what they really feel about the matter.


Well, history teaches us that war can be an effective way of building an empire. It is how Germany was united, and Italy, and the Netherlands, and Belgium, and even the US ...

So, was this conflict in Ukraine purposely fired up by the EU as an effective way to promote European Unification? Well, that sounds like a "conspiracy theory" and it might well be; all we know is that the EU has been talking tough about Russia for years (while keeping absolutely quiet and docile on our economic and military domination by China and the US) using tough sounding rhetoric in order create a deliberate "New Cold War" atmosphere (while at the backdoor continuing to trade high technology, gas and more with the Russians).

What we also know is that the timing has been beautiful for the EU: Barely a month after the Conference decides that what we really need is an EU Federation, a violent conflict on the border of Europe breaks out that seems to do more for the spirit of European Unity than 30 years of political rhetoric in Brussels.

Even more ideal for Brussels: Thanks to the EU's 860 billion euro "green and digital transition" loan, Brussels suddenly has a war chest of just over 1 trillion euros to spend on whatever it feels like... The timing has been ideal for the European Cause, as war fever has sparked the demand for a single Europe.

Now, should we be 100% against the ideal of European Unification? No, of course not! European cooperation is absolutely necessary if we want to regain our freedom from both China, Russia and the US. And a "European Federation" is real and possible option we have to achieve this. But it cannot be created on the basis of a cynical lie or stratagem. A truly united Europe can ONLY be the result of Europeans voting that this is what we want, in a democratic and honest and continental referendum on the future of the EU. Because it all starts with democratic legitimacy. So let's make Europe democratic again!

If you want to find out some of the aims and goals put forward by the Conference, look back to some of my earlier posts I wrote on the subject.

Also, don't forget to regularly check out this channel: if you're interested in freedom and real democracy in Europe.

Make Europe Great Again! #MEGA #FreeEurope #EFP

5th of March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Did you know that from November last year, Latvian elected parliamentarians who refused to take the vaccine were banned from entering Latvia's parliament, were docked their pay, and were even banned from voting? This means that in Latvia (which is an EU member) democratically elected parliamentarians are excluded from participating in Latvia's democracy because they disagree with the government line!

The rational behind this decision to ban dissenting voices in Latvia was: "to promote public confidence in the vaccine" (which is one of the lowest in Europe)

Now, we're not going to discuss the pros and cons of the jab here, but let's focus on freedom of speech and the freedom to refuse within the EU - does it actually exist?

Whereas the EU has always maintained that press freedom and freedom of speech are essential European values, at the same time we've seen how "hesitant" people have been pressured, cancelled and even outright forced to comply for the past 2 years.

Now that this conflict in Ukraine has broken out, we're seeing exactly the same thing happen again: EU foreign affairs Czar Borell announces that Russian media-outlets RT and Sputnik are banned from EU territory Some Russians who refuse to openly denounce the invasion (such as the director of the Munich Symphony Orchestra) have been fired If you question the war or say that you think the West also has some responsibility, you are likely to be labelled a "right wing extremist" or "a stooge of Putin".

At the same time: European media conglomerates dominate the European press landscape (a poignant example of this are the Persgroep & DPG, who together own 99% of all Dutch language press!) All major social media channels, through which we receive our daily dose of news, originate from outside of Europe (twitter, FB, instagram, tiktok, telegram...) which means Europeans have no control over the companies that shape our view of the world Western leaders whom we know have lied to start a war (Bush & Blair specifically) have been let off the hook...

What does this say about our European values of freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the basic human right to disagree? Does it actually still exist?

Now, Putin's previous actions (such as the brutal and bloody reconquest of Chechnya in the 1990s or the invasion of Georgia in 2000) have shown that he is not "a nice person" who means well, but a ruthless politician. The fact that he has been ruling Russia for 12 years as the actual president and 4 years as de-facto president (together with Medvedeev) also shows that he doesn't really believe in democracy.

Of course, the same thing can be said for many European leaders, including "Ursula, Queen of the EU", NL's "eternal prime-minister" Mark Rutte, Germany's ex-chancellor Merkel, EU-high roller & unelected Italian prime-minister Draghi, and so on ...

But what does it say about our European values that we are willing to ban elected MPs because they disagree, that we are willing to ban foreign TV channels because they spread propaganda, while giving a free pass to proven liars, while allowing big business to dominate our press, while turning a blind eye to outright nonsense and fear mongering by our own media, while labelling everyone who disagrees with the party line as a "terrorist", "rightwinger" or "Russian propagandist"? Shouldn't the rules that we apply to the 3rd world also apply to ourselves?

When we look into the mirror, we see that hypocrisy is alive and well in Europe. And that cannot be allowed to go on.

Want to help Make Europe Free Again? Find out more at

#MEGA #freeEurope #EFP

Some sources:

12 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


Meanwhile, we have seen how deep the rot of systematic, institutionalised corruption goes in the Netherlands, including with our tax-dodging finance minister Hoekstra.

But in Brussels, the situation is even more serious.

The man in the picture is Karel Pinxten.

Unknown among the European public, but a textbook example of corruption in the EU, Pinxten is a politician from the Belgian neoliberal party Open VLD (the Flemish sister of the VVD that also supplied Belgium's unelected prime minister De Croo, among others) who, after his career in Belgium, has been offered a nice job as an "auditor" at the European Court of Auditors - the institution meant to keep the EU financially honest (which it has always failed at ...)

WHAT SHOWS: despite his generous salary of €17,000 net (because untaxed for EU officials!), he found it necessary to steal €570,000 from the European Court of Auditors, by claiming fraudulent expenses such as a family holiday to Cuba as a "mission trip" ... And more:

✔ holidays to Swiss ski resorts, ✔ dinners with expensive bottles of wine, ✔ hunting parties in France (who even does that anymore?!), ✔free petrol tickets for his friends, ✔the list goes on ...

In the end, the Court of Auditors itself found out about Pinxten's incredible fraud and dragged him before the European Court of Justice, which condemned him for his self-enrichment, his lies and renunciation of his duty as the EU's official financial watchdog

What is the punishment he was sentenced to by the European Court?

Two-thirds of his pension rights he has lost ... That's all.

Given that he has earned 17,000 euros net per month for 12 years (i.e. 2,448,000 euros) and will still receive 3888 euros per month pension after his "punishment", plus the fact that he does not have to pay back the stolen half a million, will mean that Karel Pinxten will not lose any further sleep over this

Even after his corruption has been exposed; even after he has been brought before the European "Court of Justice", Karel Pinxten will be all right hooray

And that is how deep the rot in the EU goes: a eurocrat steals and gets away with nothing more than a "fie, don't do it again!"

Why didn't the Court of Audit report it to the real police? Because corruption is okay in the EU; and because Karel is one of their own and the European elite always lend a hand to each other. Therefore.

Corruption is clearly an accepted practice for the politicians and bureaucrats who call the shots in the EU. This stems from the fact that systematic corruption and nepotism is ingrained in the EU treaties themselves. After all:

✔The exemption from "all local taxes" for permanent EU employees

✔The unelected European Commission

✔The advisory role (i.e. powerlessness) of the 'democratic' European Parliament are all in the treaties that form the basis of

✔The advisory role (i.e. powerlessness) of the 'democratic' European parliament are all in the treaties that form the basis of the EU. In other words: The EU is fundamentally corrupt.

Therefore, the EU needs reform.

The problem is: Can this be done? Or is the EU too rigid and inert and corrupt to reform from within?

This is why we are sceptical about the EU ... This is why we want to pull the Netherlands out of the EU quagmire. This is also why we think it is important that the Dutch themselves have a chance to decide on the EU for once, instead of leaving it to politicians.

Real democracy in the EU. It's only fair.

EN | 17 April 2021 | by Erik Schrama


About: My resignation as Comms Co-lead of Volt Belgium, due to serious conscientious objections

Dear Vicky, dear Vic,

As we discussed earlier, for some time now I have felt increasingly uncomfortable with some of the political positions Volt has adopted. To be precise, the message that Volt has been putting out both internally and externally has, in recent months, given me considerable trouble. As a result, I feel that it is no longer possible for me to hold an official position within the party. At least not without going straight against my personal convictions – which is something I would rather not do. As I am bound to follow my conscience, I have decided to resign from my position as communication co-lead of Volt in Belgium immediately.

Some background: As you know, I joined Volt in 2020 because I believe that European cooperation is important, especially if we want to create a united Europe that is truly free, democratic and effective. In short: a Europe that can achieve great things on its own (instead of leaving everything to the U.S.). I also joined because the European Union, in its current form, does not function, but is a bureaucratic, corrupt and spineless nightmare that it incapable of getting anything done. Finally, I joined because I believe that a united Europe must be fundamentally democratic; and, right now, it is not. After all:

-> the members of the European Commission are not elected by anyone, but are politically 'reliable' insiders who have received their extremely well-paid (and untaxed) positions as a consolation prize for the fact that they cannot get a job as a politician anymore in their own country;

-> the European Council is a shadowy organization that holds the real reigns of Europe, although nobody knows exactly what it is they discuss ...

-> The European Parliament is a parliament in name only, but not in practice. After all, the E.P. has no right of initiative, which means the European Parliament is, in reality, a fairly powerless body.

-> And then we in Europe have also been saddled with a duo of slapstick 'European presidents' who were not elected by any voters and who, because of their uninspired actions, their vague job description and their undemocratic appointment, are not really taken seriously by anyone, but who (despite their lack of democratic legitimacy) nevertheless seem to believe they have the right to speak for the whole of Europe.

It should be clear that I still believe that European reform is absolutely necessary, as the ideal of European unity can only have a chance of success if Europe itself is also democratic and free. Which is why I still believe that European cooperation, unity and collaboration are of vital importance and that "traditional" European freedoms (such as open borders and the freedom to go as you please) are worth fighting for. As I said during my introduction last year: I am still glad to have the freedom to be able to get into a car and drive from Belgium, straight through Germany, to Prague. Although, of course, there was little chance for that in 2020, as we have all seen how fragile our 'European unity' really is ...

It is, however, important to be honest. We have seen too many politicians come by who like to talk about laws, democracy and human rights, but in reality seem to have little regard for them. So I will be honest: A number of positions adopted by Volt are, in my opinion, completely incompatible with those of a political party that officially wants to stand for freedom, democracy, human rights and impartial, practical solutions for the whole of Europe. The most important of these, which have led to my decision, are:

-> “We are neither left nor right” is simply not true: One of the principal reasons why I decided to join Volt in 2020 was the message promoted by Volt (and which Volt is still actively promoting) that Volt is neither left nor right, but ignores classic political differences in order to focus on finding the best solutions for Europe, no matter which side on the political spectrum they come from ... In practice, however, Volt turns out to be a very left-wing party indeed. And despite the fact that I have often enough heard the story that Volt's degree of leftness or rightness varies strongly from country to country (even though I get the impression that Volt usually defines “right” as “open market liberalism”, which is not necessarily the same thing), the two sections of Volt that I have had direct dealings with (namely Volt Be and Volt Nl) do present themselves as extremely leftist parties, without leaving much space for Volters who have other ideas or priorities.

-> A real-life example of this is the fact that I have been branded a "hawk" almost from day one, because I am outspoken about what I find important, such as; Not cooperating with foreign slave-drivers (like China), not being completely dependent on the military protection of the U.S. for the defense of Europe; and more positions that apparently label me as "right-wing" and as a "hawk". Let me be clear about this however: In and of itself, I do not mind the label, but it does speak volumes about the fact that the ideal of “neither left or right, but a party for everybody” does not really conform to reality, as it is astounding how fast people have resorted to sticking labels like “hawk” or “conspiracy theorist” and more, as soon as an opinion is presented that does not seem to mesh seamlessly with the party’s dominant train of thought… And as a consequence of this, I have also noticed that not everyone is equally comfortable togo against the narrative, but that Volters more often than not are a bit timid about showing sympathies that may be construed as "too right-wing", because these do not fit within the approved ideological framework... In short: The idea that Volt is located somewhere between left and right is simply not true. And that lack of self-knowledge is a sticking point for me.

-> As you know, the previous months I have repeatedly voiced opinions that are clearly not in line with what is expected within Volt. An example of this is my critical attitude towards the corona restrictions imposed by the various European governments, which construe a far-reaching violation of our constitutional rights, let alone the damage already caused by the lockdowns. The fact that the head of the World Food Programme warned out for "famines of biblical proportions" last year, but that nobody in Europe seems to be particularly bothered about this, is something I find a shameful stain on Europe’s self-assumed role as a defender of human rights. The fact that I am critical about this and refuse to turn a blind eye to the negative consequences has already led to me being labelled “a conspiracy theorist” among other things, because a critical opinion is clearly not appreciated. The fact that Volt openly propagates to be a party that is for the protection of human and civil rights, yet internally dissenting opinions are barely tolerated, I find both horrible and unworthy of a party that claims to fight for democracy, freedom and equality.

-> As a concrete example of this: As you know, last monthI posted an invitation on Workplace to the global protest for freedom and democracy (which, by the way, went off completely peacefully in Belgium, while in the Netherlands the police employed heavy violence again). I would like to point out that I did not use any radical or disrespectful language in this invitation, nor put downany untruth or lie; it was just an invitation to whomever would read it to join in the demonstration. Just that. Nevertheless, I received some very negative reactions (including that I was telling "untruths", i.e. ”lying”) andeven a notification from Jordy that the board of Volt Belgium had decided to officially distance itself from this protest. In itself, I have no problem with this. As in my reply to Jordy's message, I clearly repeated that I was sharing this entirely on my own title and in a personal capacity, even though this distancing evidences a certain hypocrisy. After all, Volt Be sees no problem at all in participating in other protest marches(such as the march for women's rights that went straight through Brussels; where – as we could see from the photos shared afterwards – the corona rules were not or barely respected), butat the same time, however, the board of Volt Belgium felt compelled to immediately distance itself from a similar demonstration for freedom & democracy. In other words: Gender equality is acceptable, but freedom, democracy & personal choice are not... That is hypocrisy. There is no other word for it.

-> Because of incidents such as these, I have received the strong impression that Volt really only caresabout charities that are both fashionable and politically correct, while resolutely refusing to actually criticize the government, even if the criticism is justified! I honestly cannot understand how a "party for highly educated young people" like Volt is willing to meekly sticks to the rules, while it is actual the old people right now who stand up against the governmentand go out to protest! For some obscure reason, this generation seems to be the first one ever where young people are more docile than their parents ...

-> It might be interesting at this point to relate to you the event that led to the first crack in my faith in Volt, which was caused by the reaction of Volt Nl’s no 2, Nilüfer Gündoğan, to the protests on het Museumplein in Amsterdam and Malieveld in The Hague and the riots in Eindhoven and the rest of the Netherlands; which, in essence, was as follows: That the violence by the police was entirely justified and that people should just shut up and do as they are told. The fact that someone who constantly talks about human rights and how inhumane the Dutch government is at the same time rationalizes police violence against demonstrators, applauds draconian measures like a curfew, and at the same time refuses to consider the fact that riots don't just happen (especially in a heavily regulated country like the Netherlands); and subsequently couldn't take it when I disagreed with her on twitter, was the first real indication that the message of democracy and human rights that Volt publicly propagates is largely hot gas. As far as I am concerned, you either believe in freedom and democracy, or you don’t.

-> And then, as a sad cherry on the cake: In the meantime I have also learnt that in 2018 (i.e. just after the official registration and before the first member congress) Volt Europe accepted 19,191 euros from the Open Society Initiative. The fact that this indicates a direct financial dependency between Volt Europe and George Soros, the man who is known as the “man who broke the bank of England”, because he made his fortune by appropriating £1 billion from the Bank of England; a man who has had to pay millions in fines over the years for insider trading; a man who has already been declared persona non grata by several countries in Europe and the world; a man who has admitted that he has no interest in the consequences of his actions and who is considered by the US Senate to be directly co-responsible for the run-up to the previous economic crisis, also makes me very uncomfortable, as it raises important questions about both the moral backbone and the independence of the organization.

These are just some of the reasons why I have decided that I can no longer hold an official position within Volt. There are more…

To be honest, I think it is a shame. After all, at first I believed that Volt had something valuable to offer Europe: A better, united, strong Europa; and I have fully committed myself to that goal. Unfortunately, in the past few months I have come to know Volt as an organization that publicly presents itself as a party of broad appeal, which is open to everyone, although, in reality, it doesn’t have much room for people who have a different perspective on things. After all, if Volt had actually stuck to its principle of "neither left nor right", it would have ended up as a stronger, more inclusive party. As it stands now, Volt will simply not be able to appeal to a large part of the European electorate (namely those people who are already suspicious of the Brussels elite and who are unwilling to give up on their own language & culture) and therefore will never be able to gain enough influence to actually make the necessary changes the E.U. so desperately needs. It doesn't have to be this way; there are enough parties in the world (and even in Belgium) that have both left and right wings, that are for or against hot topics like Belgian state reform/Flemish independence, free trade, the curfew, and so on: A party that is actually broad (and not just say that it is, but also applies this principle in practice) is stronger and therefore has a better chance of eventually succeeding.

I have to admit that my experience with Volt has severely shaken my confidence in Europe; to be honest, I do not look forward to living in Volt’s vision of Europe: A Europe where the cultural differences between the member states have been rubbed out and everybody speaks English, instead of their own language; where our last bit of human intelligence is replaced by the desire for faster mobile internet; where we are technologically, culturally and militarily completely overshadowed by the rest of the world, because we are too afraid to compete, because we always want to “collaborate” and “cooperate”; where we have a big mouth about human rights, but not the spine to say “no” against inhumane and dictatorial regimes, because we are too afraid to “create an incident”, where the freedom of personal choice no longer exists, only “collective security” … It will not come as a surprise that for a while I could not and did not want to have anything to do with Volt, which is why it has taken me some time to write this letter and send it to you.

However, at the end of the day I still believe in the need for European cooperation, unity and openness. I still believe that every European should have the right to go wherever he or she desires. I still believe that a free and democratic Europe can shine a light in the darkness of the world, but only if we ourselves want it to … Nevertheless, I have had to take some time to really consider if it makes any sense to remain a member of Volt Be. However, as, during the previous months, I have managed to make contact with some people who do share certain values and goals with me, I have decided to remain a member (at least for the time being)... Nevertheless, my trust in the party has taken a fair bit of damage that I do not think can ever be repaired. In any case, I know that Volt has lost my vote.

With kind regards,

Erik Schrama

October 8, 2021 | Schrama News


Try buying a mobile phone that is NOT made in China.

You will see that it is practically impossible. Since all smartphones currently on the market in the Netherlands come directly from Asia, the majority of them straight from the People's Republic. Unless they are produced by a European company that has since been bought by China:

✔ Huawei -> China

✔ LG -> South Korea

✔ Lenovo -> China

✔ Samsung -> South Korea

✔ Sony -> Japan

✔ Alcatel -> China

✔ HTC -> China

✔ ZTE -> China

But surely there are also European brands? Or at least brands that don't come from China? NO!

Such as:

✔ Apple -> From the US, but produced in China.

✔ Motorola -> US, but owned by Lenovo, i.e. China

✔ Wiko -> From France, but owned by a businessman from ✔ Hong Kong, thus China

✔ Sony Ericson -> Originally from Sweden, but now part of Sony, thus Japan.

✔ So all that remains is Nokia -> Owned by Microsoft ...

But then doesn't our own Dutch Philips make mobile phones?

Yes indeed. But only for the Chinese market. (See e.g. here). Now you understand how totally dependent the Dutch economy is on foreign countries - and on China in particular, when it is impossible to buy a phone in the Netherlands that actually comes from the Netherlands (or at least Europe). This economic dependence on a totalitarian, communist regime, which uses slave labour to provide cheap mass production, is something we want and need to reverse!

How? For starters, by bringing Dutch industry back to the Netherlands. "Reshoring" is what we call it. In this way, we make our own economy self-sufficient again, while we also stop enriching Communist China's economy. That's good for our economy, good for human rights, but bad for communism and dictatorship. So 'a good idea!

29 September 2021 | Erik Schrama


European "leaders" like Von der Leyen and Michel en Verhofstadt often talk about "European Solidarity", but how fair is the EU really?

Not very, it turns out ...

For example, did you know that people with permanent EU contracts (like the unelected "Presidents of Europe" Michel & Von der Leyen) don't have to pay a cent of income tax?

While the rest of the European population have to hand over +/- 50% of their income to the tax authorities, the best-paid Eurocrats do not have to pay a cent of tax on their already above-average incomes! Is that really European solidarity?

That's why Europe must be different; truly democratic! And it starts at home, by giving European citizens themselves the chance to choose the people who should lead the EU. Why not have elections for the "president of the EU"?

Because democracy starts at home!

10 March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Something to think about:

For years now, "European President" Von der Leyen & her junta of the EU Commission have been talking about the need for "European strategic autonomy in space". On top of that, earlier this year she even launched a program for the EU to reach "strategic autonomy" in the production of microchips (because the EU's planned conversion to a totally digital society is faltering without Chinese technology), all the while not saying ONE SINGLE thing about the need for European food autonomy, European power & fuel autonomy or European economic autonomy

The very basics that sustain human life, Ursula and her Commission clearly do not care about. They have shown this.

This lack of interest in the well-being of average European citizens is nothing but a colossal failure on the part of this self-appointed European junta; tangible evidence of the fact that she is clearly incompetent for the job.

Now ask yourself this: Why the hell does the EU even exist if it cannot even secure the basic fundamentals of life for its citizens:

Affordable food, water, heat, electricity, fuel and, of course: security? What right does the EU think it has to take our tax euros and then spend them on trivialities (such as the "green and digital transition" or the yearly move of the entire EP from Brussels to Strasbourg and back again ) when it cannot even give the people of Europe what they really need to survive?

Now, this sudden astronomical rise in the prices of food, heat, electricity and fuel is no real worry to the members of the Commission and the MEPs, as the extremely high and untaxed guaranteed incomes they receive from the EU mean that they don't have to worry about running out of money for food or gas. Like the true European Elite that they are.

If you're not in that income bracket however, if you don't get your income tax-free because you're working for the EU's shadow government, than you are screwed. The truth is that we, ordinary Europeans, are on our own. The rulers of Europe have shown that they don't give a damn about us. But are we going to take this lying down? Of course NOT!

This is why the old generation of EU dinosaurs (like Von der Leyen, Michel and Verhofstadt) need to go and leave forever! It is time for a new generation of Europeans to take over: people who actually Europe. Like you.

Do you want to help us make the change? Do you want to get rid of the old Brussels' brontosaurs and get some democratically elected Europeans into the EU? Do you want to get rid of the cesspool of the Commission and force out "Empress Ursula" and her junta of the EC? Then stay tuned to this page; this channel; and even this website

#FreeEurope #MEGA #EFP #ECmustGo

18 November 2021 | Erik Schrama


After being unlawfully banned from the internet for almost an entire month, is back online! Because you can't stop the truth!

In the meantime, however, we have not been idle! To ensure that such a sudden outage cannot happen again, we have invested heavily in new equipment and support. As Cruijff said, ¨Every disadvantage has its advantage,¨ so we have taken advantage of this enforced pause to give our technical backbone an important and far-reaching update, so that we are now better than ever able to take the fight to the enemy as we fight for a new democratic and fair Dutch Republic!

UNTIL this incident also demonstrates how vulnerable our society is as long as we continue to rely heavily on the internet; and how nonsensical and incredibly irresponsible is the total digitisation of the community being pushed through by the EU and the globalists. When we get to the point where everyone depends on the internet to communicate with each other, how easy will it be to pull the plug on individuals and organisations that are critical of governments and this new digital world order they are trying to push through in every part of daily life?

That is why we are fighting for a real, physical society with real, physical services and facilities, where you can still participate in life even without a laptop or smartphone. Because cyberspace should be a choice, not a duty!

Agree? Then join the NRP now via

#NRP / #digitisation / #politics / #votenrp

21 April 2021 | By Erik Schrama


The EU is convinced that all its problems can be solved by throwing digital technology at them. Unfortunately, this obsession with the internet leads to far-reaching and far-reaching psychological and social problems, such as:

-> Internet addiction (among children & young people, among others, but not only) is now reaching epidemic proportions. It often seems as if everyone is always on his/her mobile phone. Why? Because they are! And why is that? Because digital electronics (like smartphones) are now addictive.

-> The far-reaching digitalisation of primary & secondary education is leading to a dichotomy in society, with children who have the money to buy laptops and smartphones on one side and families who do not have the finances and are thus increasingly excluded from regular education on the other. If you are not digital, you can hardly go to school now!

It would therefore be good if Europe can develop initiatives to combat the psychological dependence of Europeans on their gadgets so that people are able to function in reality again, instead of creating a generation of internet junkies. Instead of thinking we can solve our social problems by giving everyone better mobile internet, it is important to pay attention to the physical, tangible foundations of our society.

After all, the internet = not the same as democracy!

16 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


The new batch of European fascists are trying with all their might to put Europeans who have chosen not to vaccinate under ...

Our own chamber earlier called this "not coercion but compulsion". Now the government of the German state of Hesse has gone one step further:

Across our eastern neighbours, it was already the case that without your green coronapas you can only access "essential" shops. In Hesse, however, it is now also the case that shops are allowed to stop the mask mandate áf they choose to refuse unvaccinated customers! Our eastern neighbours call this "2g".

This is undeniable discrimination on the basis of health status, but that doesn't matter any more ... Despite the fact that this is out of the question according to both the German constitution and European law ... Where are our brave European human rights warriors in the European parliament anyway when you need them?

The only bit of good news is that very few shops want to participate in this exclusion policy, because +/-35% of the state is unvaccinated; so the shops would lose a lot of customers. Major German companies that have indicated they will not participate in 2g include DM, Rossmann and even IKEA. So the fascists are not quite getting it right, even though they are pushing hard!

Unbelievable? But it has already happened!

However, we see governments across Europe using increasingly heavy-handed coercive measures to force refusers to vaccinate, even though we at the NRP believe that the choice to vaccinate should always be your own decision; and no one else's!

Can we expect this kind of exclusion in Nl too? Mark would certainly do it ... BUT NOT IF IT WERE UP TO US!

Therefore, now is the time to join the NRP, because together we need to make the Netherlands a bastion of freedom, democracy & free choice now, before it is too late! ->

18 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


Dear fellow warriors. Since today our internet and phone connection has been terminated without warning by our provider. Their excuse: "our computer did that automatically".

You would think someone is starting to get nervous about our potential for change ...

I am now using a friendly supporter's hotspot to send you this message.

We are not expected to be fully back online until next Monday.

We are not going anywhere! We continue to fight for a free, democratic, fair & republican Netherlands! So please be patient please think for your patience!

- Erik from the #NRP

#NRP never #mouthless / #freedom / #democracy / #republic / #votenrp

Join us at:

EN | 15 March 2021 | by Schrama News


The E.U. needs to be reformed. It is the basic reason why this website exists, why I write these texts, why I do what I do. Now, however, the E.U. itself seems to have realized that reform is necessary if we want to rescue the European Dream. This is why the European Parliament together with the European Commission has proposed to organize a “Conference on the Future of Europe”. 

The basic idea behind this conference is that European citizens should have a say on how to reform the E.U. into something that actually works. It’s a nice idea. In fact, direct influence by Europeans on the future of Europe is VERY necessary. It is a basic principle of personal view on the political structure of the Europe of the future.

However, the Conference is already off to a bad start, even before it has begun.

In the usual bureaucratic E.U. way, this conference is executed through a tortuous  bureaucratic process, which was initiated at the end of 2019 and will not reach any kind of practical outcome until 2022, when the Conference is supposed to conclude. Three years to organize a conference that is supposed to address the crisis of confidence the European Union is currently faced with, that’s RIGHT NOW, is simply too far into the future. We, as Europeans, cannot afford to take a leisurely pace in European reform, not while confidence in the E.U. is at an all-time low, and not why Europe is threatened from all sides by disasters, power-mad foreign governments, economic collapse, political indecision and unwillingness to act, complete dependency on foreign technology, foreign intelligence agencies operating on European soil, and more; which all require that Europeans work together to form a common front against these existential threats, not next year, but now!

As stated, this conference is also meant to give European citizens a chance to be heard in Brussels. Nobody, however, knows how this will be done in practice. So far, the best solution offered by the E.C. is through opinion polls carried out by Eurobarometer, as well as “setting up a special website”. Right now, it seems that the only voices that will be actually heard at this conference are those of the Council and the Commission. 

But it gets worse: In a very E.U.-kind of mess, the E.P. first proposed Guy Verhofstad as the president of the Conference. The Council, however, didn’t like this, as he’s outspoken in his opinion about more European unity, not less. So what’s the solution proposed by the Council & E.C.? - Let’s have SIX presidents: The president of the Commission, the president of the Council, the president of the E.P., plus an “organizing committee” of another three (as yet unnamed) European bigwigs. 

The Committee system is the death of Europe. We need to discuss the future of Europe, YES! But not through a bureaucratic conference which is invitation only. Not through a top-down event that’s already a paragon of European bureaucracy and elitist thinking. Instead, we need a grassroots movement in Europe. An opportunity for Europeans on the ground to talk about what they need from Europe in a common forum. What we do not need is more bureaucracy.

Do you believe that Europe needs reform? That is what I BELIEVE! Instead of relying on Brussels to change the E.U. for us, we need to do it ourselves. So join me today in my crusade to either fix Europe, or break it and start over ... And if you have: Spread the word.

13 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


With all the corruption scandals of late and the ongoing charade of the cabinet formation, it is sometimes easy to forget that we have other problems in the meantime ...

One of the main problems that is really making people nervous now is the fact that fuel prices have suddenly skyrocketed,while a stone cold winter is coming!

Why does this global fuel shortage exist? Several reasons:

✔ because financial and political elites worldwide have turned off the gas tap to bring down a rebellious population that does not meekly acquiesce to "the new normal";

✔ because our government has never had the good sense to build strategic emergency reserves;

✔because our economy is completely dependent on foreign countries: we rely on China for our manufacturing and on oil and gas from Russia and the Middle East for our energy.


No. There are solutions.

After all, this is not the first time the world has been plagued by a fuel shortage. Our government has never sought a long-term and sustainable solution to this. But some countries have.

Back in 1978 (!), the first Fiat 147 was built in Brazil. The world's first mass-produced car to run entirely on bioethanol!

Bioethanol is alcohol used as fuel, with a number of important advantages:

✔ Renewable (because derived from plants)

✔ Burns cleanly ( with 0% CO2 emissions)

✔ Can be produced domestically (so no longer dependent on autocratic foreign regimes)

✔ Petrol engines can use ethanol with a minor modification (so no need to trade in your old car for an electric one)

✔ Air pollution is not simply moved from the exhaust pipe to the power plant's chimney (as with electric cars)

✔ Good for farmers (who supply the raw materials)

✔ Proven technology that has demonstrated its usefulness since 1978.

After all, this is not the first time the world has suffered a fuel shortage. The only difference is that the Dutch government never sought a structural solution to this, but actually hoped it would go away on its own ... When Brazil ran out of oil in 1978, they found a creative, renewable and economically brilliant solution: biofuel made from cane sugar! Making their main supplier of energy no longer the king of Saudi Arabia, but the local farmer

In the EU, biofuel could be extracted from e.g. sugar beet. This is also good for farmers, as European farming (especially in highly agricultural states like the Netherlands) is now struggling to survive, but with a new source of income ... That is why it is advisable that the Dutch government has totally ignored the potential of biofuel for 40 years. Even though this ancient technology has the potential to make us independent of foreign imports for petrol!

This government has talked in the past about the Netherlands being a "knowledge economy" - without anything ever coming out of it. Isn't it time to really make the Netherlands an energy-independent knowledge economy? Or do we want to remain dependent on oil and gas imports from Russia and the Middle East for the rest of our lives?

The Rutte government has consistently opted for total dependence on foreign countries (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, the US, Brussels) for the past 10 years. The NRP stands for an independent Dutch hitech knowledge economy

The choice is yours!

Some sources: here, here, here and here.

#NRP / #stemnrp for a #knowledge economy in #netherlands that is not afraid of #farmer-grown #bioethanol in your #tank | so #sustainable & #energy-independent.

More info:

5th of March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


Can you love Europe, yet still hate the institutionalized corruption of the EU? Of course you can!

Can you want greater cooperation and unity between Europeans, yet be afraid that your language, culture and country might become a province of an undemocratically ruled EU oligarchy? Of course you do!

Are you attracted by the idea of a strong and independent "superpower Europe" that is strong enough to fight off the Russians, Chinese & Americans, yet you don't trust the "good intentions" of corrupt and hypocritical Eurocrats like Von der Linden and Michel and their ability to get us there while not violating every right we've got? Of course you don't!

So let's work together to Make Europe Great (and democratic and free) Again!

#MEGA with

EN | 04 March 2021 | by Erik Schrama


A new study by the European Democracy shows that Western Europeans continue to be dominant in E.U. leadership positions, a trend that has not changed significantly since the 2004 'Big Bang' of enlargement with 10 new member states. Think about people like Michel (a Belgian) and Von der Leyen (a German) and many more …  This means that Central and Eastern Europeans are continuously underrepresented in the E.U.'s leadership, which severely undermines people’s support for the EU's institutions, values and policies in Eastern Europe.

This is a serious problem! As this chronic underrepresentation is one of the main factors why nationalist politicians, such as Orbán in Hungary or Kaczyński in Poland, can count on broad support from the local population.

Can we blame the Eastern Europeans themselves for this? No. As indeed many Central and Eastern European politicians are not part of the European "elites", because they are excluded and feel "not good enough" to lead the European project. That makes their citizens think and feel that the EU is something far away and irrelevant for them; which creates a vicious downwards spiral. 

“But what about Donald Tusk?” you may ask. Well, he was the single example of a Central European to be entrusted a leading role, but so far he is both the first and last of his kind. 

If we really want to be a truly united Europe, then we want to see more Central and Eastern Europeans standing at the helm of our common European project! We need people from ALL OVER Europe on board to share in the responsibility for our great Future Made in Europe! 

How can we do this? By demanding direct democracy! By making sure that not just the European parliament get elected, but also the members of the European Commission and the European Council. This way we will give ALL European citizens an equal chance to reach the highest political positions in Europe, through democratic elections, instead of being shut out by the oligarchic elite currently ruling Europe.

If you believe that Europe needs more democracy, if you believe that we are all Europeans together, then join me in my campaign for equal political rights for all Europeans! Today! Do you want to know how exactly? Then ask me!

EN | 21 February 2021 | by Erik Schrama


You may not know it existed, but February 21st is “International Mother Language Day” - a day which was instituted by the United Nations to celebrate and promote our native tongues. Of which we have many beautiful examples in Europe!

This day is meant to make you think about the beauty and value of your own native tongue, be it French, or German, or Polish, or Gaelic, or Basque, or whatever. However, at the same time it also raises a question about Europe’s current linguistic landscape: We, as Europeans, are proud of our linguistic diversity. We are proud of our native tongues. There is a good reason why the EU’s motto is “Unity in Diversity”. Yet, at the same time, the fact that we do not have a common European language of trade, science, diplomacy and pan-European culture anymore is one of the greatest roadblocks to European integration. 

Of course, it was not always like that: For about 1000 years, a decent knowledge of Latin would allow you to talk to practically any scientist, politician, priest or artist on the continent. Great European thinkers such as Erasmus, Galileo, Copernicus all published in Latin, which allowed their thoughts to be read well outside the borders of their native countries (the Netherlands, Italy and Poland in the case of these three gentlemen). 

Latin, however, has gone the way of the dodo. So how do  we solve the problem of intra-European communication in the 21st century? By having 23 official languages, even though some (namely English, French and German - in that order) are “more equal than others” … Out of necessity, English & French seem to have been adopted as the E.U.’s “unofficially official” languages. Yet this is clearly not an effective long-term solution, as it’s simply not fair to the rest of us.

So this is the question: How can we transform Europe into a true and functional United Europe, while defending our native languages, while making sure that some are not “more equal than others”, while giving Europe a common means of intra-European communication? The ability of citizens to freely communicate (without feeling that their own language is threatened by another) is a prerequisite for any true political union, which is why Europe needs all Europeans to think about this!

It’s quite a challenge. So that’s why we call this THE GREAT EUROPEAN LANGUAGE DEBATE.

As one example of someone who tried to solve this challenge before: One great European thinker and idealist, Ludwig Zamenhof, decided to solve the problem of culturally neutral communications in a creative way, by writing his own International Language (better known as Esperanto). The fact that this “artificial language” has an estimated 2 million speakers worldwide, shows, at least, how far you can get far by thinking outside the box!  


But what is YOUR solution? Drop me a line to let me know how you want to tackle this challenge ... Best solutions will be featured on this website!

EN | 03 February 2021 | by Erik Schrama


You may not be aware of this, but throughout 2020, Europeans have being going to the streets of Berlin, Naples, Paris, Sofia, The Hague and many more European cities … to protest the various COVID-rules that have been put into place by our governments in an effort to stem the advance of the virus. Many of our fellow Europeans, however, think that these are going too far in limiting our daily lives, individual freedoms and civil rights.

Many of these protests (such as “Berlin invites Europe”) were completely peaceful. Some of these protests (such as the protests in Italy or in Copenhagen) were not.

Many times, we have seen images of police charging protesters with horses, water cannons and dogs. Nevertheless, the protests continue. Because many Europeans feel that our national governments have overstepped their limits and have sidelined our ancient European traditions of democracy and the right to public protest, choosing instead for not always equally logical sounding rules (such as the infamous “you can only shop for 30 minutes”) and sometimes heavy-handed police response. You can agree or disagree with them, but the truth is that many Europeans do feel this way.

The fact that many of these COVID-rules have been generated by extra-parliamentary advisors, imposed through ministerial edicts, supported by rushed-through emergency laws and enforced by quasi-secret police units (such as the infamous “Romeos” of the Dutch police) certainly shows that these protesters have some legitimate points to make about the current state of Europe’s public democracy. The fact that protests (either big ones like the one in Amsterdam last month, or small ones like the ones that occasionally happen in Brussels) are routinely forbidden to take place, certainly does not do any credit to Europe’s regular boast of being “the most democratic place on Earth”.

The reality that these protests against government imposed COVID-rules, such as the curfews, are usually forbidden or severely limited by governments on the basis of those same COVID-rules can be said to be paradoxical at best …

As you probably know, these protests often turn ugly. And 2021 has indeed started off horrible, with Dutch cities exploding in riots against the new national curfew. Interestingly, these rioters are a "democratic" mix of people, with the police reporting that the youngest person they arrested was still in his/her teens, while the oldest was well in his fifties. Indeed, we see that many of the people who resist these laws the hardest are themselves not exactly young anymore …

So far, we have not seen a lot of public protest against the government’s COVID-rules in Belgium. There have been some, but not much compared to what has happened with our neighbors. So far, Belgium has avoided the mass protests of the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. Perhaps because we’ve been too busy fighting our own traditional political wars … Still, even in Belgium it’s been impossible not to notice the strong undercurrent of public resentment against the government, which is fueled by hypocritical politicians like Alexander de Croo who don’t seem to care to follow their own rules (remember Open VLD's New Year's party?), while expecting everybody else to do so...

As a result of this unhappiness, an “anti-COVID protest” took place in Brussels on the 31st of January. Even though the government of Brussels already declared this protest too to be illegal, about 500 protesters showed up at de Kunstberg/Mont des Arts, most of whom were arrested by the police, who were present en-masse. As one protester put it: “It seems there are more police than protesters here”.

This raises the question though: Are we still free to protest in Europe?

Even in crisis times, democracy cannot be just aborted. Why are protesters not allowed to fight for what they believe in, while a politician as Alexander de Croo (who was at a big New Year’s Eve party while everybody else was making the best of it at home) is allowed to keep his job as prime minister? How can we allow people to use their constitutional right to protest in freedom and without fear of police repression, while also being mindful of public health? These are the questions we are faced with today.

5 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


You've probably noticed that I pay a lot of attention to the problem of EU corruption. Unfortunately, I cannot do otherwise, because the rot goes deep ...

After all, there are SO many incredible examples of deep corruption in European institutions.

We have already seen how members of the Commission, members of the European Parliament and permanent EU staff simply do not have to pay income tax (unlike the rest of working Europe, who have no choice ...).

But to give yet another example of EU corruption:

Did you know that the European Commission awards cash prizes for innovative solutions to certain high-tech challenges identified by the EC? These prizes run as high as €10 million (!).

The problem with this, however, is: Have you ever seen an announcement or advertisement for these competitions?

Probably not, no ... since the only people who hear about these multi-million euro prizes are people who already have the necessary connections! After all, these funding options are not advertised. In short: If you do not belong to the inner circle of the EU, you will never have the chance to win this money!

So in true "EU fashion" they say the EU is democratic and open to all, but in practice nobody knows about these competitions and funding options except the EU's own cronies!

And what do we call that? Right: Corruption.

See for yourself here (not available in Dutch, by the way, because Dutch - recently the EU pledge of "united in diversity" - is not an "official" language of the EU)

So therefore:

✔ If you don't agree with the way the EU throws money down the drain to corrupt politicians (like Michel & Von Der Leyen) and their business cronies, while they themselves don't want to pay a cent in taxes ...

✔ If you believe that the Netherlands should not be part of a corrupt and undemocratic organisation with megalomania like the EU ...

✔ If you believe that the Dutch language should be stronger in Europe and that the Netherlands should take control of itself again ...

Then join the NRP! @

Together we will make the Netherlands democratic and independent again!

5 October 2021 | Erik Schrama


We knew by now that corruption is widespread in Dutch politics; and has become "normal" under the rule of Rutte and his VVD (at least in the Binnenhof...). Minister Hoekstra, our tax-dodging fraud hunter (...) has just demonstrated once again how widely accepted corruption is in politics. Meanwhile, it is hard to deny that the modern Netherlands is no longer a full-fledged democracy, but a "kleptocracy" (= a government by and for thieves).


For example, did you know that EU employees do not have to pay a cent of income tax?

We at the NRP have exposed this built-in dishonesty before, but it is worth repeating because it is a form of legalised corruption!

But what does it mean in numbers?

That this is how our unelected "EU presidents" Von Der Leyen & Michel each earn €28,661 a month, net! In a country where the average income is 2,000 euros p/m!

So the unelected "President of the EU" earns 335000 euros a year, tax-free! (Sources:Here and here and here.)

Is that now that European solidarity? Can you still sit and watch this corruption run rampant unhindered? Or do you want to do something about it?

Surely the answer seems simple: a referendum on Europe! But the problem is that there is currently no moderate party in Nl that actually wants to give people the chance to choose about the EU.

Do you believe the Netherlands should leave the EU? Or rather stay in the EU to reform it from within? Whether you are for or against the EU, don't you want your voice to be heard?

But who in the Chamber listens to you? Who in the Chamber wants to give you that chance to actually vote on this? Who? Rutte? Kaag? De Jonge? They are all corrupt, power-hungry liars (after all, that's why that cabinet resigned, remember? Because of the lies and discriminatory policies ). So that's why our new initiative: the NRP. BECAUSE IT IS NEEDED!

Now, do you sometimes want NL to leave the EU? Are you willing to stand up for the things you believe in? What are you willing to do to stop corruption in politics? Are you willing to look the enemy straight in the eye? Are you brave enough to stick your head above the mob and say STOP, this far and no further?

So that is why we started the NRP. Because this is a serious battle for our freedom and our democratic rule of law; and that means we have to fight back in an organised way

And we cannot do that alone. So sign up to the NRP at to make Europe fair again

We also ask you to tell as many people as possible about our existence and our mission. So share us!

Because only together can we make a difference!

EN | 17/09/2020 | by Erik Schrama

What the hell is wrong with Australia?

It seems that Australians just don’t ever learn, do they?

For your information: This article is not about racism and it is also not about making Australians feel bad about being Australian. I happen to like Australia, a lot. I spend some very good days there. This article is just about the country’s horrible legacy of disrespect for people's basic human rights. That’s all.

Because, if you’ve ever seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, than you know that between 1905 and 1967, that's some 6 decades, the Australian government abducted whole generations of aboriginal children, and subsequently gave them to white families or put them in state run “homes” or reservations, which were in fact just prisons for children, so they could be removed from their native aboriginal cultures and turned into little brown imitations of white Ozzie children. It was a massive crime against humanity, an organized, planned-out attempt to kill an entire culture, carried out by the government of what was supposed to be a democratic country with a healthy respect for freedom, human rights and the rights of the individual and so on. A country that, only some 60 years ago, fought in an epic war of good versus evil against a totalitarian, genocidal empire that wanted to rule the world, by the way.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that the experience of the Second World War, and also the First World War before that, and also the Cold War after that, would’ve driven the lesson home and would have made it clear in the minds of all why such things as mindless police brutality and state-sponsored terrorism are not a in fact a good thing, and why a healthy respect for the inherent rights of every human being, simply because we are all human beings, is. Clearly, that respect for human rights went only skin deep so many years ago.

You would however think that Australians would’ve learnt something in the intervening years. I mean, good lord, there have even been movies made about the Stolen Generation, like the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article, so you can’t claim ignorance. You would think that Australians would’ve learnt from their past mistakes and say: “Hell no, never again!”

Clearly, this is whishful thinking.

Because if we spool forward some 40 years into the future from when those little aboriginal children in that movie were stolen from their parents by a government who frankly didn’t give a damn, we see clear evidence that Australia’s government is just as mindlessly evil now as it was then.

You think I’m overstating the situation?

Well, consider this: Don’t you think it is frankly weird that in other Australian states, other than Victoria, which is the one that’s currently under martial law, there have been rallies and protest marches with people holding up banners and plackards proclaiming: “Free Victoria! We stand with you!” This is not something you would normally see in a democratic state, I mean: really democratic - where people feel they have to take to the street to protest the occupation of one of their own states by its own government, who are boldly and openly stripping people’s of their rights to, well, do anything really.

Because that is what it is: The state of Victoria is currently under martial law. It is occupied territory. It is in a very real sense a facist dictatorship. Don’t think I am overstating this.

People have been arrested for saying that they want to go protest. In fact, the police chief of the state of Victoria (as well as a lot of other politicians) has said that “protesting is illegal” in Victoria and that protesters (as he put it) “are b@tshit crazy” ...

Which is, presumably, why we have seen protesters being kicked in the face by police officers for protesting. Because police brutality is better than freedom of speech. At least according to the government of the People’s Republic of Australia.

The Democratic People's Republic of Australia - who would've thunk it in 2019?

Of course, that’s not all. As we have also seen people being beaten to a pulp by the police for not wearing a mask, even if they have a certificate from a doctor which exempts them, because wearing a mask would be likely to kill them, or at least do significantly harm to their health. So yes, people’s health is being destroyed, both by being pummeled and by just ignoring doctor’s orders, in order to save their health. It is your government looking out for you, isn’t it?

We have also all seen the Australian girl who was choked by a police officer for refusing to wear a mask, even though, again, she had a note from her doctor that exempted her.

We have seen protest marches being charged and beaten down by police armed with nightsticks and shields and water cannons.

We have seen protesters being punched in the ribs and dragged off into vans by squads of police goons.

We have seen old ladies being arrested by a squad of police for the heinous crime of sitting on a park bench in the sun.

We have even seen little children, as young as 8 years old, being abducted from their parents by police hitsquads for being suspected of having covid and being dragged into a waiting police van to be subjected to forced testing. Screw the fact that the parents don’t want this, that the girl herself is struggling with the police to the point where they have to lift her bodily of the ground and drag her onto the street, because even a 8 year old knows that when the police show up at your doorstep and demanding that you come with them right now, or else, this is never a good thing, and also screw the fact that children are practically immune against this virus, which is a bit of knowledge we’ve known as early as last February, by the way. But who cares, right?

And then of course there are all the basic measures that have been put in place, such as the house arrest rule, which simply meanst that you are not allowed to move more than 500 meters from your own home, or else you’ll be picked up by the police. Which means that the entire population of these cities and towns in Victoria have been put under permanent house arrest. Because what is 500 meters? That is walking to the end of the street and back again. Now, combined with the police violence, combined with the mandatory contact tracing through personal ID-codes (such as they’ve alreadly rolled out across the world, see this really creepy video from the goverment of Ireland), combined with the fact that the police goes door-to-door to check that people are in fact staying home (which reminded me when I first heard it of the opening scene from the movie adaptation of 1984, where the Thought Police helicopter hovered in front of Winston’s window to check up on him) combined with the random arrests of protesters and black bagging of people, even children, on the basis of a fraudulent bit of pseudoscience, combined with the sudden appearance of Chinese “UN police” units on the streets of Melbourne (although you will also be able to find them on the streets of Italy, Serbia, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Paris and the list goes on …), combined with the sudden appearance of riot police troops who are so tooled up and heavily armoured that they look like they just stepped out of a B-rate science fiction movie, and who, by the way, we’ve noticed that they do not even carry any identifcation of being police (such as police badges, logos, name tags or even the image of a bloody kangaroo) other than the fact that they will beat you down and drag you off into one of their vans if you even dare talk to them.

Do you now understand why I call this martial law and why I say that Victoria is currently occupied territory and for all intents and purposes a facist dictatorship? You see, the Australian government clearly hasn’t learnt a thing.

And why? To contain a virus which has no real effect other than a runny nose and a couple of days in bed for 99,94 percent of the world’s population. A virus that is at the same time both as infectious and as deadly as the common cold. And that other 0,06 percent, by the way, could’ve been easily prevented if the government had, oh, I don’t know, used their brains and prepared a little, by for instance not taking recovering covid patients and putting them in amongst the old people in nursing homes to regain their strenght …Yeah, that was a brilliant idea: Let’s expose as many old people as we can, the ones that are already in care facilities, so we know those are the fragile ones to begin with, to people who are suspected of carrying a highly infectious virus that we've known for months now mainly targets old people. Fantastic idea. Actually, it is such a stupid idea, that it is tantamount to mass murder. And the politicians, the health ministers and prime ministers and all that ilk who were responsible for not preparing old people’s homes for the possibility of an epidemic (which happens every single year, don’t forget!), should be hauled in front of a judge and at the very least spent the next ten years behind bars for acts of criminal negligence.

So, this is what is happening today: People are being black bagged and dragged off into police vans to undergo forced medical procedures, ‘cause that’s what it is in the end, in order to fight the common cold. While at the same time, those people who are actually at risk have been purposefully exposed to this virus by a government (or actually: governments, plural) who would all in all not be too unhappy with a few fewer oldies around, as pension payments are such a drain on the national budget ... SO, in the space of a year, the Commonwealth of Australia has transformed itself into the Democratic People’s Republic of Australia. And just like all the other communist states, it is “democratic” and “for the people” in name only. Of course, it isn’t just Australia where this shit is happening. Everywhere around the world the facists have shown their faces; and the police, in most countries at least, have clearly shown who they are truly working for. Sad, isn’t it? The motto of the police, even outside the U.S., is generally something like “to serve and protect”; or something on those general lines. It is clear, however, that we should have been clever enough to ask them: Who are you serving and protecting exactly? We thought what they meant was: “the people, the community, the law and justice”. It turns out it was: “the 1%”.

So, even though Victoria is more than any other country outside of North-Korea or the PRC stuck inside a bad rerun of 1984, this isn’t just happening in Australia though: In the Netherlands, we’ve seen riots between protesters and the police, even to the point where secret police, who have a nasty habit of picking protesters out of crowds and dragging them into their waiting police vans, were chased off the field by angry citizens and back into the safety of their van, which subsequently sped off in a hurry. In Belgium, the cities are prowled by secret police whose only job it is to give 250 euro tickets to anyone they suspect isn’t wearing their masks correctly. So far, the Belgian state has made about 6 million euros in fines out of the pandemic. Good business, that ...

In Germany, earlier this year we saw a woman arrested by a squad of police goons for sticking precisely and exactly to the rules, which, at that time meant that you should only wear a mask if you couldn’t keep your antisocial distance. The fact that she walked around the streets with a 1.5 meter tape measure to keep people out of the way didn’t stop the Polizei from dragging her off into a waiting police car, while the watching crowd chanted “Wir sind das Volk!” Which, for those who don’t know, is the same chant the East-Germans used when they broke through the Berlin Wall. At the same time, in Ireland, they’re already rolling out a digital health passport app which looks earily like the social credit app used in communist China, without which, so the government ad cleary indicates, you simply can’t do anything, not go to school, not buy gas for your care, not use the bus, not even buy groceries at the store. And, of course, once you’ve submitted like a good little drone and got your “green status”, it expires after a month or two, so you have to submit yourself to continuous testing if you want to keep your green status and avoid being locked out of public and private spaces, shops and all the facilities that you as a taxpayer pay for.

Of course, those are only just a few examples of the abuse of power by the police and governments around the world. These are people who are supposed to be working to protect the people of the land, but somehow these police officers have succefully managed to achieve the complicated doublethink that equates “protecting people” with “kicking them squarely in the face” and “doing your duty for your country” with “draging children into waiting vans to undergo a forced and invasive medical procedure, which involves sticking a sharp object so deep up your nose that it’s practically a brain probe”.

But it isn’t just Victoria which has turned into a battlefront between the forces of facism and freedom, as you can see the same fight happen all over the world, but especially in Australia and Europe, where the governments are really clamping down hard on such basic civil liberties as the right to protest, the right to gather, the right to organize, the right to voice your opinion, no matter how contrary to the official party line it may be. Even now that the much anticipated, much dreaded, much-hyped up European Second Wave turned out to be at most a bump in the road, the various wannabe Supreme Leaders have already anounced the coming of the second Second Wave, or is it the Third Wave, or the original Second Wave, which was just delayed, probably because even the virus is thoroughly confused by now about what the hell is going on. Now that the virus is clearly petering out, clearly on the withdrawal from its conquest of planet Earth through a “pandemic” that has turned out to be about as bad as a bad flue season, the various governments of Europe have already announced new measures coming. New, draconian measures to stop what, exactly? In fact, in his national speech which he delivered yesterday (the “troonrede”, which is actually written by the Dutch PM, but read by the Dutch king, which is, in fact, his only job) he announced that the government wants, after 5 decades of leaning on the Americans for national defence, to invest into the armed forces to be able to deal with “a second pandemic or an external shock” as he put it.

And with that bombshell, I will leave you. As it turns out that things are already planned to get even worse in the year 2021: When you have the government of a European country officially telling its people that "we're investing in our military now, so it can be used to deal with a second pandemic or external shock somewhere next year". So, can we expect soldiers patrolling the streets of Europe in 2021, arresting (or shooting, because that is what soldiers are ultimately trained for) anyone who dares to step out of his house and onto the supposedly public street?

So, it turns out that it isn’t just the Australians that haven’t learnt their lessons since 1984.


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