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Open letter addressed to the members of the European Parliament on the subject of Havana Syndrome, cybertorture, Active Denial Systems, secret prisons and illegal and immoral experimentation on European citizens (by Özler Atalay & Erik Schrama)

Brussels, 25th of July 2023

Concerning: Open letter to the European Parliament on Havana Syndrome, Cybertorture, Active Denial Systems (and other directed energy weapons) and illegal experimentation and torture by (foreign) governments on European citizens.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Dear representatives of the European Parliament,

On the 10th of June 2023, an important protest was held in Brussels. Organized by a number of European citizens’ organizations and attended by citizens from across the EU, the goal of this protest was to raise awareness of the very real practice of cybertorture, directed energy/microwave methods of “crowd control” and illegal human experimentation by unscrupulous (foreign) governments, with the stated aim to achieve mind & crowd control.

We realize that to you, a member of the EP, this may at first glance sound like an example of paranoid fantasy or science-fiction. Unfortunately, it is not. We do wish sincerely that this would be just science-fiction, yet it is thoroughly
documented that illegal experiments into cybertorture and mind-control have been carried out in the past and on European territory. This knowledge is public enough to have made it even onto Wikipedia! (See here: Illegal experiments such as MKUltra have often been disregarded as merely a paranoid fantasy. Yet, the US Senate’s Church Commission unearthed the true horror of this American program in the
1970’s. What you may not know, however, is that the US government did not just experiment on their own citizens, but the US also experimented on European citizens! Vulnerable children in Denmark, but also citizens of Germany and
France, to be precise, and many more, without any reparation ever being made. It is all out in the open, if only we want to look ...

It is important to note that these programs fall under the category of illegal human experimentation, as no informed consent of the participants has ever been sought.

To make it worse, many of these experiments were carried out in illegal prisons (the so-called “black sites”) that were and have been established by foreign governments (mostly the US, Russia and China) on the territory of EU member-
states (see here:

Unfortunately, we (united in European Action) represent a large number of citizens of the European Union who are victims of mind control techniques and directed energy weapon technologies and who suffer from many symptoms of
what is called the Havana Syndrome. (For a short explanation of Havana Syndrome by Politico, see here: Directed energy weapons too are, unfortunately, not pure science-fiction, but have been disclosed in 2020. In fact, a “Havana Act” was passed in the USA to compensate victims who were US diplomats affected by Havana Syndrome.

We write this letter to raise awareness about the misuse of these weapons on EU civilians. They are used for covert repression, torture and experimentations on innocent people, often orphans.

It is public knowledge that these immoral experimentations started at the end of the Second World War, when the US and the Soviet Union “resqued” and “repatriated” many Nazi and Imperial Japanese warcriminals who conducted illegal experiments on prisoners (such as “operation Paperpclip”). Famous examples of these are Werner von Braun, who was the chief of the Nazi rocket program and became the chief man of the American space program ... Or Kurt H. Debus, a member of the SS who became a director of NASA ... Or the Japanese Army’s Unit 737 who tortured people “for science” yet were given total amnesty by the American government! This is what the US has done. And these are supposed to be “our allies”...

Many people have been exposed to these dangerous technologies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and onwards upto today, as technologies have become more and more sophisticated and dangerous. We believe that many people have died as a
result. Let me repeat: This is not a paranoid fantasy. As research has been done on this subject, which has revealed many disturbing docomented facts:

  •  As a point of fact: US military contractors have developed microwave “Active Denial” weapons (or “heat rays”) and have tested these. Around the world, these have already been used both in war and on protestors, which can serve as conclusive proof that this technology indeed exists. An example from the US Marine Reserves: . This video produced by the US armed forces also clearly demonstrates that ADS weapons are invisible and virtually indetectable and can be dialled up or down to deliver more or less pain and more or less direct damage. Invisible weapons raise important ethical questions.

  • The U.N. reporter on torture Nils Melzer began investigating this issue in 2020-2021 and some aspects of electromagnetic torture have been taken up under the term “cybertorture”. The victims were disappointed because electromagnetic weapons were not mentionned nor were the effects and pathologies such as pain, heart problems, weakness, extremely rapid aging, blindness, cognitive issues and so on.

  • The most important whistleblower uncovering this phenomenon is Barrie Trower, former British Royal Navy physician expert on the military use of micro-waves. Here is an interview where he discloses the weaponisation of
    cell towers to send micro-wave beams. He called this weapon “celldar”.

  • Many disclassified patents show us early works on mind control technologies beginning with the Voice to Skull (V2K) technology wherebyauditory hallucinations are induced by micro-waves, patent number US4.877.027A.

  • Another important technology is called “remote neural monitoring” it can monitor brain activity and interfere with it remotely without electrodes. Patent number US3.951.134A.

  • The DARPA (American Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) neurologist James Giordano admits the existence of “neurocognitive weapons” able to interfere with the thoughts, beliefs, emotions of a targeted individual. It comes within the framework of the “cognitive warfare” of NATO. Paul Batcho, a DARPA whistleblower asserts that cell towers can be used for mind control, as does the american scientist Nick Begich about the HAARP technology.

There are thousands of victims of these technologies around the world who have complained of “Havana Syndrome”, yet whose voices remain unheared. Disturbingly, although the development and active use of these weapon systems has been a problem since the end of WWII, the number of complainants has shot up dramatically over the past few years. They label themselves as “targeted individuals”.

As proud citizens of the European Union and on behalf of those EU citizens who have been affected by this totally immoral weapons development, and indeed of all targeted individuals worldwide, we call for the following steps to be taken:

  • Strict parliamentary supervision of these technologies.
  • A proper investigation by the EP into the true scope of the application of these technologies on European citizens on European soil.
  • A proper investigation by the EP into the past and present existence of foreign illegal programs and foreign “black site” prison sites in EU member states.
  • An investigation by the EP into the names and identities of the chief operatives and functionaries who are responsible for this wanton abuse of European civilians and subsequent consequences to be dealt out.
  • The immediate dismanteling of secret prisons and “black sites” run by alien governments (in particular the US, China and Russia) on EU territory.
  • A push to make Europe independent from the US, Russia and China, which are countries ruled by governments that have shown no interest what-so-ever in human rights and have in fact conducted illegal and immoral human experiments on European citizens, without any consequences!
  • But most of all, we call for the end of experimention on innocent and unwilling citizens.

The European Union has always presented itsel as a champion of human rights and personal dignity. And for that, we are glad to call ourselves Europeans! These programs, however, are an affront to the dignity, autonomy and good
health of European citizens. Which is why we ask you take an active interest in this subject, as it is a danger to both European society and humanity as a whole.

We look forward with interest to you response.

Kind and European regards,

Erik Schrama
Ozler Atalay

European Action

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