EN | 17/09/2020 by Erik

What the hell is wrong with Australia?

It seems that Australians just don’t ever learn, do they?

For your information: This article is not about racism and it is also not about making Australians feel bad about being Australian. I happen to like Australia, a lot. I spend some very good days there. This article is just about the country’s horrible legacy of disrespect for people's basic human rights. That’s all.

Because, if you’ve ever seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, than you know that between 1905 and 1967, that's some 6 decades, the Australian government abducted whole generations of aboriginal children, and subsequently gave them to white families or put them in state run “homes” or reservations, which were in fact just prisons for children, so they could be removed from their native aboriginal cultures and turned into little brown imitations of white Ozzie children. It was a massive crime against humanity, an organized, planned-out attempt to kill an entire culture, carried out by the government of what was supposed to be a democratic country with a healthy respect for freedom, human rights and the rights of the individual and so on. A country that, only some 60 years ago, fought in an epic war of good versus evil against a totalitarian, genocidal empire that wanted to rule the world, by the way.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that the experience of the Second World War, and also the First World War before that, and also the Cold War after that, would’ve driven the lesson home and would have made it clear in the minds of all why such things as mindless police brutality and state-sponsored terrorism are not a in fact a good thing, and why a healthy respect for the inherent rights of every human being, simply because we are all human beings, is. Clearly, that respect for human rights went only skin deep so many years ago.

You would however think that Australians would’ve learnt something in the intervening years. I mean, good lord, there have even been movies made about the Stolen Generation, like the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article, so you can’t claim ignorance. You would think that Australians would’ve learnt from their past mistakes and say: “Hell no, never again!”

Clearly, this is whishful thinking.

Because if we spool forward some 40 years into the future from when those little aboriginal children in that movie were stolen from their parents by a government who frankly didn’t give a damn, we see clear evidence that Australia’s government is just as mindlessly evil now as it was then.

You think I’m overstating the situation?

Well, consider this: Don’t you think it is frankly weird that in other Australian states, other than Victoria, which is the one that’s currently under martial law, there have been rallies and protest marches with people holding up banners and plackards proclaiming: “Free Victoria! We stand with you!” This is not something you would normally see in a democratic state, I mean: really democratic - where people feel they have to take to the street to protest the occupation of one of their own states by its own government, who are boldly and openly stripping people’s of their rights to, well, do anything really.

Because that is what it is: The state of Victoria is currently under martial law. It is occupied territory. It is in a very real sense a facist dictatorship. Don’t think I am overstating this.

People have been arrested for saying that they want to go protest. In fact, the police chief of the state of Victoria (as well as a lot of other politicians) has said that “protesting is illegal” in Victoria and that protesters (as he put it) “are b@tshit crazy” ...

Which is, presumably, why we have seen protesters being kicked in the face by police officers for protesting. Because police brutality is better than freedom of speech. At least according to the government of the People’s Republic of Australia.

The Democratic People's Republic of Australia - who would've thought it in 2020?

Of course, that’s not all. As we have also seen people being beaten to a pulp by the police for not wearing a mask, even if they have a certificate from a doctor which exempts them, because wearing a mask would be likely to kill them, or at least do significantly harm to their health. So yes, people’s health is being destroyed, both by being pummeled and by just ignoring doctor’s orders, in order to save their health. It is your government looking out for you, isn’t it?

We have also all seen the Australian girl who was choked by a police officer for refusing to wear a mask, even though, again, she had a note from her doctor that exempted her.

We have seen protest marches being charged and beaten down by police armed with nightsticks and shields and water cannons.

We have seen protesters being punched in the ribs and dragged off into vans by squads of police goons.

We have seen old ladies being arrested by a squad of police for the heinous crime of sitting on a park bench in the sun.

We have even seen little children, as young as 8 years old, being abducted from their parents by police hitsquads for being suspected of having covid and being dragged into a waiting police van to be subjected to forced testing. Screw the fact that the parents don’t want this, that the girl herself is struggling with the police to the point where they have to lift her bodily of the ground and drag her onto the street, because even a 8 year old knows that when the police show up at your doorstep and demanding that you come with them right now, or else, this is never a good thing, and also screw the fact that children are practically immune against this virus, which is a bit of knowledge we’ve known as early as last February, by the way. But who cares, right?

And then of course there are all the basic measures that have been put in place, such as the house arrest rule, which simply meanst that you are not allowed to move more than 500 meters from your own home, or else you’ll be picked up by the police. Which means that the entire population of these cities and towns in Victoria have been put under permanent house arrest. Because what is 500 meters? That is walking to the end of the street and back again. Now, combined with the police violence, combined with the mandatory contact tracing through personal ID-codes (such as they’ve alreadly rolled out across the world, see this really creepy video from the goverment of Ireland), combined with the fact that the police goes door-to-door to check that people are in fact staying home (which reminded me when I first heard it of the opening scene from the movie adaptation of 1984, where the Thought Police helicopter hovered in front of Winston’s window to check up on him) combined with the random arrests of protesters and black bagging of people, even children, on the basis of a fraudulent bit of pseudoscience, combined with the sudden appearance of Chinese “UN police” units on the streets of Melbourne (although you will also be able to find them on the streets of Italy, Serbia, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Paris and the list goes on …), combined with the sudden appearance of riot police troops who are so tooled up and heavily armoured that they look like they just stepped out of a B-rate science fiction movie, and who, by the way, we’ve noticed that they do not even carry any identifcation of being police (such as police badges, logos, name tags or even the image of a bloody kangaroo) other than the fact that they will beat you down and drag you off into one of their vans if you even dare talk to them.

Do you now understand why I call this martial law and why I say that Victoria is currently occupied territory and for all intents and purposes a facist dictatorship? You see, the Australian government clearly hasn’t learnt a thing.

And why? To contain a virus which has no real effect other than a runny nose and a couple of days in bed for 99,94 percent of the world’s population. A virus that is at the same time both as infectious and as deadly as the common cold. And that other 0,06 percent, by the way, could’ve been easily prevented if the government had, oh, I don’t know, used their brains and prepared a little, by for instance not taking recovering covid patients and putting them in amongst the old people in nursing homes to regain their strenght …Yeah, that was a brilliant idea: Let’s expose as many old people as we can, the ones that are already in care facilities, so we know those are the fragile ones to begin with, to people who are suspected of carrying a highly infectious virus that we've known for months now mainly targets old people. Fantastic idea. Actually, it is such a stupid idea, that it is tantamount to mass murder. And the politicians, the health ministers and prime ministers and all that ilk who were responsible for not preparing old people’s homes for the possibility of an epidemic (which happens every single year, don’t forget!), should be hauled in front of a judge and at the very least spent the next ten years behind bars for acts of criminal negligence.

So, this is what is happening today: People are being black bagged and dragged off into police vans to undergo forced medical procedures, ‘cause that’s what it is in the end, in order to fight the common cold. While at the same time, those people who are actually at risk have been purposefully exposed to this virus by a government (or actually: governments, plural) who would all in all not be too unhappy with a few fewer oldies around, as pension payments are such a drain on the national budget ... SO, in the space of a year, the Commonwealth of Australia has transformed itself into the Democratic People’s Republic of Australia. And just like all the other communist states, it is “democratic” and “for the people” in name only. Of course, it isn’t just Australia where this shit is happening. Everywhere around the world the facists have shown their faces; and the police, in most countries at least, have clearly shown who they are truly working for. Sad, isn’t it? The motto of the police, even outside the U.S., is generally something like “to serve and protect”; or something on those general lines. It is clear, however, that we should have been clever enough to ask them: Who are you serving and protecting exactly? We thought what they meant was: “the people, the community, the law and justice”. It turns out it was: “the 1%”.

So, even though Victoria is more than any other country outside of North-Korea or the PRC stuck inside a bad rerun of 1984, this isn’t just happening in Australia though: In the Netherlands, we’ve seen riots between protesters and the police, even to the point where secret police, who have a nasty habit of picking protesters out of crowds and dragging them into their waiting police vans, were chased off the field by angry citizens and back into the safety of their van, which subsequently sped off in a hurry. In Belgium, the cities are prowled by secret police whose only job it is to give 250 euro tickets to anyone they suspect isn’t wearing their masks correctly. So far, the Belgian state has made about 6 million euros in fines out of the pandemic. Good business, that ...

In Germany, earlier this year we saw a woman arrested by a squad of police goons for sticking precisely and exactly to the rules, which, at that time meant that you should only wear a mask if you couldn’t keep your antisocial distance. The fact that she walked around the streets with a 1.5 meter tape measure to keep people out of the way didn’t stop the Polizei from dragging her off into a waiting police car, while the watching crowd chanted “Wir sind das Volk!” Which, for those who don’t know, is the same chant the East-Germans used when they broke through the Berlin Wall. At the same time, in Ireland, they’re already rolling out a digital health passport app which looks earily like the social credit app used in communist China, without which, so the government ad cleary indicates, you simply can’t do anything, not go to school, not buy gas for your care, not use the bus, not even buy groceries at the store. And, of course, once you’ve submitted like a good little drone and got your “green status”, it expires after a month or two, so you have to submit yourself to continuous testing if you want to keep your green status and avoid being locked out of public and private spaces, shops and all the facilities that you as a taxpayer pay for.

Of course, those are only just a few examples of the abuse of power by the police and governments around the world. These are people who are supposed to be working to protect the people of the land, but somehow these police officers have succefully managed to achieve the complicated doublethink that equates “protecting people” with “kicking them squarely in the face” and “doing your duty for your country” with “draging children into waiting vans to undergo a forced and invasive medical procedure, which involves sticking a sharp object so deep up your nose that it’s practically a brain probe”.

But it isn’t just Victoria which has turned into a battlefront between the forces of facism and freedom, as you can see the same fight happen all over the world, but especially in Australia and Europe, where the governments are really clamping down hard on such basic civil liberties as the right to protest, the right to gather, the right to organize, the right to voice your opinion, no matter how contrary to the official party line it may be. Even now that the much anticipated, much dreaded, much-hyped up European Second Wave turned out to be at most a bump in the road, the various wannabe Supreme Leaders have already anounced the coming of the second Second Wave, or is it the Third Wave, or the original Second Wave, which was just delayed, probably because even the virus is thoroughly confused by now about what the hell is going on. Now that the virus is clearly petering out, clearly on the withdrawal from its conquest of planet Earth through a “pandemic” that has turned out to be about as bad as a bad flue season, the various governments of Europe have already announced new measures coming. New, draconian measures to stop what, exactly? In fact, in his national speech which he delivered yesterday (the “troonrede”, which is actually written by the Dutch PM, but read by the Dutch king, which is, in fact, his only job) he announced that the government wants, after 5 decades of leaning on the Americans for national defence, to invest into the armed forces to be able to deal with “a second pandemic or an external shock” as he put it.

And with that bombshell, I will leave you. As it turns out that things are already planned to get even worse in the year 2021: When you have the government of a European country officially telling its people that "we're investing in our military now, so it can be used to deal with a second pandemic or external shock somewhere next year". So, can we expect soldiers patrolling the streets of Europe in 2021, arresting (or shooting, because that is what soldiers are ultimately trained for) anyone who dares to step out of his house and onto the supposedly public street?

So, it turns out that it isn’t just the Australians that haven’t learnt their lessons since 1984.