EN | 15/02/2021 | by ERIK


The Flemish Radio & Television Company (in other words: De VRT) is required to maintain an objective and impartial outlook in its reporting, at least according to the recently signed management agreement, which dictates how the VRT is supposed to operate. After all, the VRT is Flanders’ public broadcaster and thus occupies a public function as an impartial information provider.

Despite this, the VRT has managed to transform itself into the Bart de Wever Television Company: After the “embarrassing incident” where Bart De Wever was spotted sitting in his underpants during a television interview, but which seemed designed to showcase him as “just a regular guy”, the VRT has now decided to air a three-part documentary about “the man behind the politician”.

By doing this, the VRT is catering to De Wever’s image: He gets free advertising, while the other big names of Flemish & Belgian politics don’t get any. Can we call this independent and impartial reporting? Of course not!

By putting the spotlight on a single politician even though they call it “infotainment” and “human interest”, the shareholders & viewers of the VRT (united under the moniker ACOD-VRT) have started a petition, with the goal of reminding the VRT of its duties and  responsibilities in society, let alone the impartiality required by the management agreement. 

Even though I am personally in no way connected to the people behind ACOD-VRT, I nevertheless agree that it is irresponsible of the VRT to offer a platform  for one single politician. They could have chosen to create a documentary series about ALL of the leaders of the various Flemish parties. Instead they chose to put the spotlight only on the N-VA. Is this fair? No, of course it isn’t. As a politically-minded inhabitant of this country, it is important to me that the public broadcaster guards its neutrality and balances airtime for parties and politicians, and does not engage in political propaganda.

If you also agree that the VRT has gone too far, then you can sign tes petition by ACOD-VRT here (in Dutch, of course): BDW op VRT: openbare omroep, neem uw verantwoordelijkheid! - Petities.com