EN | 04/03/2021 | by ERIK


A new study by the European Democracy shows that Western Europeans continue to be dominant in E.U. leadership positions, a trend that has not changed significantly since the 2004 'Big Bang' of enlargement with 10 new member states. Think about people like Michel (a Belgian) and Von der Leyen (a German) and many more …  This means that Central and Eastern Europeans are continuously underrepresented in the E.U.'s leadership, which severely undermines people’s support for the EU's institutions, values and policies in Eastern Europe.

This is a serious problem! As this chronic underrepresentation is one of the main factors why nationalist politicians, such as Orbán in Hungary or Kaczyński in Poland, can count on broad support from the local population.

Can we blame the Eastern Europeans themselves for this? No. As indeed many Central and Eastern European politicians are not part of the European "elites", because they are excluded and feel "not good enough" to lead the European project. That makes their citizens think and feel that the EU is something far away and irrelevant for them; which creates a vicious downwards spiral. 

“But what about Donald Tusk?” you may ask. Well, he was the single example of a Central European to be entrusted a leading role, but so far he is both the first and last of his kind. 

If we really want to be a truly united Europe, then we want to see more Central and Eastern Europeans standing at the helm of our common European project! We need people from ALL OVER Europe on board to share in the responsibility for our great Future Made in Europe! 

How can we do this? By demanding direct democracy! By making sure that not just the European parliament get elected, but also the members of the European Commission and the European Council. This way we will give ALL European citizens an equal chance to reach the highest political positions in Europe, through democratic elections, instead of being shut out by the oligarchic elite currently ruling Europe.

If you believe that Europe needs more democracy, if you believe that we are all Europeans together, then join me in my campaign for equal political rights for all Europeans! Today! Do you want to know how exactly? Then ask me!