EN | 15/03/2021 | by ERIK



The E.U. needs to be reformed. It is the basic reason why this website exists, why I write these texts, why I do what I do. Now, however, the E.U. itself seems to have realized that reform is necessary if we want to rescue the European Dream. This is why the European Parliament together with the European Commission has proposed to organize a “Conference on the Future of Europe”. 

The basic idea behind this conference is that European citizens should have a say on how to reform the E.U. into something that actually works. It’s a nice idea. In fact, direct influence by Europeans on the future of Europe is VERY necessary. It is a basic principle of personal view on the political structure of the Europe of the future.

However, the Conference is already off to a bad start, even before it has begun.

In the usual bureaucratic E.U. way, this conference is executed through a tortuous  bureaucratic process, which was initiated at the end of 2019 and will not reach any kind of practical outcome until 2022, when the Conference is supposed to conclude. Three years to organize a conference that is supposed to address the crisis of confidence the European Union is currently faced with, that’s RIGHT NOW, is simply too far into the future. We, as Europeans, cannot afford to take a leisurely pace in European reform, not while confidence in the E.U. is at an all-time low, and not why Europe is threatened from all sides by disasters, power-mad foreign governments, economic collapse, political indecision and unwillingness to act, complete dependency on foreign technology, foreign intelligence agencies operating on European soil, and more; which all require that Europeans work together to form a common front against these existential threats, not next year, but now!

As stated, this conference is also meant to give European citizens a chance to be heard in Brussels. Nobody, however, knows how this will be done in practice. So far, the best solution offered by the E.C. is through opinion polls carried out by Eurobarometer, as well as “setting up a special website”. Right now, it seems that the only voices that will be actually heard at this conference are those of the Council and the Commission. 

But it gets worse: In a very E.U.-kind of mess, the E.P. first proposed Guy Verhofstad as the president of the Conference. The Council, however, didn’t like this, as he’s outspoken in his opinion about more European unity, not less. So what’s the solution proposed by the Council & E.C.? - Let’s have SIX presidents: The president of the Commission, the president of the Council, the president of the E.P., plus an “organizing committee” of another three (as yet unnamed) European bigwigs. 

The Committee system is the death of Europe. We need to discuss the future of Europe, YES! But not through a bureaucratic conference which is invitation only. Not through a top-down event that’s already a paragon of European bureaucracy and elitist thinking. Instead, we need a grassroots movement in Europe. An opportunity for Europeans on the ground to talk about what they need from Europe in a common forum. What we do not need is more bureaucracy.

Do you believe that Europe needs reform? That is what I BELIEVE! Instead of relying on Brussels to change the E.U. for us, we need to do it ourselves. So join me today in my crusade to either fix Europe, or break it and start over ... And if you have: Spread the word.