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or: what do we want?


A voluntary association of inter-dependent European states, with an elected European president, clear separation of powers, small government, checks and balances, a hugely simplified and streamlined cooperative structure, and more. Including: a European elected president, a European confederal government (instead of the Commission), a European parliament with legislative powers, a European Senate (instead of the Council) and clear separation of powers between the national and European levels.

Because let's face it: the European Union does not work. We can see this in the way that the E.U. has failed to deal with every crisis it has been confronted with over the past two decades. Clearly, this is a problem that needs to be solved, fast! This is why Europeans need to choose what we want for the future of Europe, once and for all.

The solution: A confederal "superpower Europe" that is strong and united and able to deter all foreign threats, yet retains the individual nations in a confederal framework that is based on direct democracy and clear separation of powers and responsibilities, which allows for maximum local democracy and decision making. This is a voluntary association of interdependant European states. This confederation would encompass both Europe's common economic framework as well as a European collective defence treaty - a "European Nato" that would allow Europeans to defend their own home, the European continent, without having to rely on further American military "protection".

This is the best solution we have to get Europe out of the current quickmire of EU stagnation and corruption. By choosing for the European Confederation, we will guarantee Europe's political, military and economic independence. That is our choice, and we need to make it, now!

Features of the European Confederation are:

  • A massively streamlined and simplified (and much less expensive) European bureaucracy.
  • A Confederation. Besides the fact that there are several European Nations that already have a "federal" level within their own government structures (such as Germany and Belgium), the use of the term "federation" implies that member states do not have the right to democratically leave the Union, whereas the term confederation does imply that members have the inherent right to quit, if they democratically vote to do so. We feel strongly that membership of United Europe should always be voluntary, because the members believe it to be worth it.
  • A European President. Directly elected by the European people. To replace the currently unelected presidents of the European Commission & Council. The elected European President would be the head of the executive branch of the new European confederal government.
  • Getting rid of the national veto in the European Council, which has blocked Europe from taking any kind of real action on anything important. Instead, European policy should be created by simple majority voting.
  • Abolishing the corrupt and unelected European Commission and exchanging it for an elected European government.
  • Changing the job of the European Council from the "shadowy rulers of the EU" into a full legislative branch of the European government - but without veto power! In this capacity as "third Chamber" they will continue to function as a meeting place for local/national government, where they will function as a place to work out policy proposals that are specifically tailored to the needs of the nations. This way, local government will have a direct influence on European lawmaking, but will not be able to hinder or veto European decision making.
  • The introduction of an elected European Senate, with 3 representatives of each member nation. The European Senate will function as an equivalent to the House of Lords/House of Representatives/Eerste Kamer/Etc., in that they will not be able to propose legislation, but will be able to vote any bill up or down and block any proposal that would negatively impact the individual nations.
  • Transforming the European Parliament into a real parliament, by giving it the power of initiative (I.e. the power to make proposals for laws) in those sectors of government that the European people will decide should be the responsibility of the European government (such as defence, foreign affairs or space exploration), but nothing more. To ensure that all member states will retain a guaranteed minimum of seats in the EP, we propose to introduce direct elections on the basis of European "winner takes all" voting districts, instead of the current national party affilliations.
  • Creating a new European constitution, including a list of the inalienable human & civil rights of every European citizen.


We work towards a democratic European Confederation, and the only proper way to get there would be to take the same approach that many other countries have taken - the ones that started out as a bunch of self-governing colonies but ended up as fully worked-out federal states, such as the U.S., Australia and Canada, but also non-English-speaking countries such as Mexico, Brazil and the U.A.E.. In a purely European context, this would mean that we need to write a new European confederal treaty to supercede and replace the Maastricht treaty, which will describe how the new European Confederation will be organized; then get it through the EP and present it to the rest of the E.U., with an open-ended invitations to the various member-states to organize a plebiscite about it and if the local population votes in favour: Join the new United Europe. Then, once enough European countries have voted to join, the European Union is reborn as a new Confederal nation and a new force for good on the world's stage.

It is, however, of vital importance that local people get a chance to vote on this.

We prefere a united, strong Europe. However, formally giving up a country's sovereignty is too important and symbolic to allow just the national parliaments to decide! Which is why this is a decision that Europeans themselves need to make. In the end, it is all about democratic legitimacy, as without democracy, a United Europe cannot have any legitimacy. This is why we fight for a continent-wide European referendum, to let Europe decide!

The original proposal for a European Confederation,

by E. Schrama.


For Europeans, by Europeans. Including a list of the inalienable human & civil rights of every European citizen.


This point covers two things: Territory & division of power between European and National level:


Membership of the new European Confederation should be extended to all European nations, with the exception of Russia, Turkey and any other countries that lie largely outside of geographical Europe or do not lie on the European continent at all, such as Israel and Morocco. The aim is to create a new European confederation, not a giant globalist "Eurasiafrican Empire".

As such, we distuingish between the terms European (meaning all member nations of the current and future EU) and pan-European (meaning all of the geographial European continent). The former is for us political, the latter geographical. The EFP is a European group, not a pan-European one. When it comes to Georgia and Armenia, we will have to decide about that when the time comes, although it might not be a good idea, due to these countries' isolated locations and somewhat Middle-Eastern/central Asian influenced cultures. It should be a principle of the EU that we should not take on any new members who we cannot adquatly defend nor integrate into our society.


A clear division of power is absolutely vital to avoid internal conflict, irresponsible government and government overreach.

To begin with, if we choose to vote for a European confederal Union, we believe the following fields should absolutely be the responsibility of the European government:

  • Common European defence;
  • Foreign affairs
  • Intelligence operations
  • Protection of the common market
  • Confederal/Commonwealth level law enforcement (through Europol)
  • Monetary policy (through the ECB)
  • Immigration & asylum policy
  • Border defence
  • European wide economic & financial protection
  • Protection of human & civil rights & protection of the European Constitution
  • The European Court system

Everything else would, in principle, remain the job of the national governments.

As you can see, the duties of the European Confederal government will mostly focus on dealing with the outside world, on security & defence and on the economy & finance, while everything else should, in principle, remain the prerogative of local/national governments.

The fact that these power listed above would become the main responsibility of the European confederal government does not mean that the member nations will not retain some power & responsibilities in these fields, as, for instance, all national government could retain both a "National Guard" style local defence force and would retain a minister of defence, who would function both as the delegate responsible for implementing European defence policy in his own nation, as well as meet with his fellow defence ministers in the European Council to work out specific policy proposals to meet the needs of the individual Nations. So there would be a bit of overlap, but within a confederal/commonwealth framework that allows for maximum contact between different government levels, but with minimal interference or confusion about "whose job it actually is". The European Confederation is founded on the principle of transparency, clarity and cooperation.


Elected by the people for the people, not the ruling elite.

Europe's current political leadership is frankly a disappointment. The members of the European Commission, as well as the presidents of the Commission and the Council have proven to be of very low quality, as well as outright autocrats. Why? Because they are not actually elected. Instead, the members of the Commission, as well as the "presidents of the E.U." are politically "reliable" insiders who have received their high-income untaxed luxury positions as a consolidation prize for having failed as politicians in their own home countries. Think of political fraudsters such as "European presidents" Von der Leyen (failed German ex-minister of defence), Michel (failed ex-prime minister of Belgium), but also MEPs like Verhofstadt (another ex-prime minister of Belgium). In fact, the Commission especially is little more than a junta.

To fix this gaping hole in Europe's democracy, we want to replace the E.U.'s current presidents with a single European president who is directly elected by the European people! No insiders appointing their friends, let democracy decide!

Whereas the European President should be elected by the people, the members of the Commission should be elected by and from the members of the European Parliament.


Why remain dependent on the US military? Why tolerate the continued occupation of European soil by American and Russian soldiers? Let Europe defend itself!

Right now, Europe depends for its defence against Russia, China and the rest of the world largely on the U.S. military. After all, since the end of the Second World War, most European nations have completely ignored their own national defences. And now, with the unprecented Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe's laissez-faire neoliberal politicians are suddenly horrified to discover that Europe is barely able to defend itself. We, however, believe that Europeans should be able to defend themselves!

As we've seen, there are many powers in the world who consider Europe to be little more than an easy target, including the People's Republic of China, Putin's Russia, the U.S. and Iran. Over the years, these countries have committed multiple clandestine acts of war on European soil (including large scale spying and technology theft by China, bomb attacks by Iran and assassinations by poisoning, shooting down the passenger airplane MH17 and even blowing up a Czech military installation carried out by Russia, wide-scale espionage by the US; and so on...) without Europe being able to make a fist against these foreign aggressors. This is what we want to change!

We are going to change this by building a unified European Defense.

To achieve this, we need to choose to create a European Defense Force within a European Collective Defense Treaty.

European Defense Force: This European force will combine all the individual armies, navies and airforces (and more) of the different European memberstates into a single hardhitting, unstoppable European armed force, that nobody will be able to mess with!

European Collective Defense Treaty: NATO is too much a tool of the United States. The European Collective Defense Treaty will be a Europe-only defense treaty designed to organize Europe's defenses against the aggressive tendencies and ambitions of dirty players such as Russia, China, the US, Iran, Israel and more. It will be an effective common defense mechanism for Europe: A "European NATO" that allows for effective cooperation, for equitable and fair resource sharing, for standarization and localization of equipment to European standards and environment and for an independent European continental defense.

Funny enough, the basic structure for this EDF/EDC already exists in the form of the European Defence Agency, the European General Staff and the European Battlegroup structure. We just need to expand it and use it! And indeed, Europe has already shown that it can operate as an effective, integrated military world power, if it really wants to. Examples of these are Operation Artemis (the E.U. peacekeeping mission in the DRC), Operation Atalanta (the E.U.'s anti-piracy naval operation around Somalia) and more.

But to take it even further, to ensure the safety and security of Europe in the face of both the regular armed forces of the other world powers, as well as both the clandestine & cultural offensive that countries like the PRC and the U.S. are currently engaged in against us, we propose to adopt the strategy of "Total Defense" for Europe, which includes strengthening our common European military capabilities, but also strengthening our common European cutural sector, technology sector, economic sector and more against foreign meddling.

We need to realize that we are not living in a friendly world; that there are several powerful players out there who see us as both a potential competitor and as a useful target. Faced with that threat, we need to prepare and unite. Not next year, when it's already too late. But now! However, before we can have a common European defense, we need to have a truly democratic European government structure, as we feel that the power of a combined European Defense Force may never come under the command of any unelected politician, such as Von der Leyen or Michel! Therefore: Before we can have common defense, we need common democracy!

Which is why we need to choose the future of Europe, now!


Rules must apply equally to everyone. No exceptions.

Right now, the rules do not apply equally to everyone in Europe, as several countries still enjoy exceptions to common European rules & policies. These include opt-outs to Schengen, the euro, European security & defense, European agricultural policies, and so on. This is a problem, as we wil never be able to build a truly united Europe if memberstates are allowed to "opt out" of whatever European rules they don't really like. Everbody needs to be equal under the law and the law needs to apply equally to all members. This is why we want to abolish the counterproductive practice of "2-speed Europe" and end the opt-outs of various European memberstates.

In practice, this also means that if we choose to evolve the EU into a European confederal Union, all members of the new European Confederation should adopt the Euro. We are either a united Europe, or we are not. It's that simple.


No more "forced solidarity". No more mandatory wealth-distribution. No more massive EU loans given by the EU to itself. No more rampant corruption in Brussels & Strasbourg.

European solidarity is an admirable thing, but wholesale redistribution of wealth equals communism, not solidarity. It is simply not fair to demand of some member states of the E.U. to pay billions, while others recieve billions. It is simply not honest or fair; and this hyporicy is also a big argument used against the E.U. by eurosceptics - remember the Brexit bus?.

In line with honest European finances, we also believe that European reckless spending (for instance on the yearly move between Brussels & Strasbourg) needs to be stopped immediately and that the European Court of Auditors needs to have more control over the E.U.'s budget. In other words: We need to know where the money's actually disappearing to!

Similarly, we want to put an end to the tax-exempt status for Eurocrats, which means that the EU's top-earners currently don't have to pay income tax, while the rest of the European population still has to pay through the nose. Is this fair? Of course not! Which is why we argue for simplifying the EU's internal system of taxation & wages by making European bureaucrats and politicians also pay their taxes according to the tax regulations of the country where they work, just like everybody else has to. By simplification and transparancy, we fight corruption and the wasting of tax money.


A solution to the problem of the revolving EP and its wastage of money, time and effort: Pick you spot! Our solution: Brussels.

Did you know that the EU has two European Parliament buildings: One in Brussels (BE) and the other in Strasbourg (FR)? Technically speaking, the EP is located in Strasbourg, even though they spend more time in Brussels. This bizar situation is the result of an old French demand that the EP also meets on French soil. This is why the EP has a particularly stupid and pointless tradition of meeting in Brussels, then moving the entire circus (MEPs, assistants, staff, filing cabinets, everything) to Strasbourg for a couple of weeks; and then back again.

Not only is this an absurd and clearly counterproductive practice. It is also expensive, as the entire yearly move costs millions of the taxpayers' euros, for no particular reason. This yearly trek is a wasteful and pointless migration, and a prime example of European concensus politics leading nowhere. This we need to change, immediately!

How are we going to change this? By making a choice:

Either we bundle all European government structures (executive, legislative & judicial) in one capital city: Brussels.

Or we choose the "South African solution" and assign the executive branch (EU President & government) to Brussels, the legislative branch (European Parliament, Senate & Council) to Strasbourg and the judicial branch to another city in another nation (for instance: Maastricht, or Aachen, or Luxemburg); thereby establishing 3 distinct capital cities for Europe, which will have the upside of creating some physical space between the different branches of the government, and also require no more further wastage of tax money on pointless bureaucratic traditions. This way, neither Strasbourg nor Brussels will not lose their identity as a "European city", but it will solve a lot of practical problems.


We stick up for Europe's language, cultures and peoples. So now redrawing of the map of Europa based on the Heineken Plan!

The concept of "a Europe of Regions" which is currently popular within the European political elite, and which entails the "cancellation" of some of Europe's historical countries, will lead to the destruction and erasure of Europe's unique cultural and linguistic identities, replacing Europe's concept of "united in variety" by a culturally levelled Eurosausage. The fact that this is a real threat can be seen in the way that various pro-EU voices have called for replacing Europe's 24 official languages with mandatory English as the "most equal of all" (which is already the current reality in the E.U. hierarchy in Brussels).

The EFP is the European Freedom Party. We believe that Europeans need to be free to speak their own mother tongues and live according to their own cultures, this is why we stick up for the protection of Europe's traditional nations. We believe that Europe's countries and languages need to be respected, preserved and promoted and that the distinct ethnic identities of the inhabitants of the different nations should be protected.

It is our basis principle that a United Europe should never threaten the existence of any of its memberstates, languages or cultures! But should always be of mutual benefit to all Europeans.


No more elist top-down politics. It's grass-roots or nothing!

Too long, the E.U. has been plagued by an elitist top-down approach, were politicians just impose the European political project on the population, without actually asking us what they want from Europe! As Giscard d'Estaing said last century: "Europe is a benign dictatorship"

We believe, however, that Europe needs to be a democracy. We believe that direct democracy is the only way in which Europe can and should be governed. Which is why it is of vital importance that local people get a chance to vote on European questions. Let Europeans vote! Because without democracy, a United Europe cannot have any real legitimacy.

Based on this guiding principle, we also believe that Europe's memberstates need to govern themselves as much as possible, even within the framework of a confederal Europe, with only matters of common concern (such as defense, space exploration or immigration) being deligated to the confederal European government.

A confederal European government should never be a threat to local democracy!


Let's end Europe's insane globalist, neoliberal economic policies, which have left us incapable of taking care of ourselves, and start to repair the damage.

We are totally for open borders and ease of doing business; and against bureaucratic hurldes to set up a new business, but we are also completely against the total liberalization of the market as has been implemented by the E.U.. For the past 50 years, European politicians have implemented policies on the basis of faulty neoliberal economic theories. And now, we can see the disastrous result of total liberalization and total privatization: Not just the (Greek) sovereign debt crisis, the Icelandic banking crisis, the subprime mortgage crisis, the continuing financial & economic neocolonialism on the African continent, but also the sudden realisation among Europeans that the EU is completely dependant on Russia for gas, Ukraine for wheat, the US for military protection and China for industrial production.

As a result of Europe's neoliberal economic policies, Europe is now incapable of feeding itself, heating itself, fueling itself, defending itself, producing for itself. Which is stupid! Europe should be easily capable of taking care of itself, without any outside help. The fact that we clearly can't do this, is 100% the fault of Europe's irresponsible neoliberal & globalist politicians.

We are 100% against the neoliberalism of the global elite.

Even in a European Confederation whose duty it is (at least from an economic perspective) to protect the common market, exceptions to free trade can and in some cases should be made. These exceptions flow out of the direct application of the principles of democracy, local self-government and the individual nation’s inherent right (and indeed duty) to take care of its inhabitants. Mind you: These exceptions are necessarily very few, but important!

To illustrate the point, take the current case of the Netherlands. In the not so distant past, energy production was considered a "nutsbedrijf", or, in English: a “company of general use”, i.e. a utility company. These nutsbedrijven were either owned by the state or by the city. That’s sensible. After all, energy production is a matter of national public interest. From a strategic point of view, you don’t want to end up in a situation where a foreign entity (be it a foreign government or a company) can decide to pull the plug out of your national electrical grid (such as, for instance, Russia). After all, it is the responsibilty of the government to ensure that the country keeps on functioning, to make sure that the inhabitants are healthy, safe and free. Yet, if we look at the energy sector of the Netherlands today, we find that all major power plants are owned by foreign (i.e. not-Dutch) companies, most notably from Sweden and Germany. How did this happen? Because Dutch energy companies have been completely privatised over the past couple of decades, while a Swedish company like Vattenfall is practically state-owned and therefore gets a LOT of support from the Swedish state. In other words: This is unfair competition engendered by the fact that some European countries interpret and implement the E.U.’s privitization directives more strictly than others …

In that light, it makes sense to designate a small number of industries “essential” to local economies. Which would mean that these local nutsbedrijven would be exempt from the European ban on state-support and state-ownership, thereby allowing them to compete with pan-European utility companies. To be specific: This would still allow companies from across the (internal) border to enter the local market, but would force them to compete with locally grown and locally owned utility companies. Thereby safeguarding the delivery of essential infrastructural services.

Because we don’t want to give up the internal market, which we think is one of Europe’s biggest selling points, this list of “protected essential industries” needs to be limited to essentials, such as:

  • energy production;

  • public transportation (including railways, busses, trams, ferries)

  • water production & reclamation

  • public healthcare

  • prisons (which should NEVER be privatized, even though private prisons already exist in the U.K.)

In this way, we want to find the golden halfway point between private enterprise on the one side and the needs of the local community on the other, instead of just adopting an extreme economic theory, such as communist-style state monopolies on the one extreme, or IMF-style total liberalization of the market on the other, both of which have proven to be equally devastating for the economy.


We are not Red China or the US. The right to choose to refuse to have something injected into your own body is one of our fundamental principles.

The choice we have is simple: Either you believe in freedom, or you don’t. From that first principle, everything else follows. It is the difference between living in a communist/fascist empire like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or Red China, and living in a democracy.

It is all about whether you believe the State has the inherent right to tell you what to do with your life. Now, the past 2 years we have all been able to discover that various governments (including Europe's national governments, but also the European Commission, and of course also the cynically named WHO) all seem to believe they have the fundamental right to tell you what is going to happen to your body.

We, however, believe that nobody has the right to tell us what we should put in our bodies. Which is why we fight for the right to choose! In practice, this means that we are firmly against mandatory vaccinations, as this constitutes a clear violations of both a citizen's right to choose, as well as his/her bodily integrity. Innoculations should always be a personal choice!

Unfortunately, the EU's "president" Von der Leyen already voiced her opinion earlier this year that the EU should "consider mandatory vaccinations". Coupled with the fact that she still refuses to hand over her SMS´s she sent to Bourha, the CEO of Pfizer, which would incriminate her because of her massive conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical industry, shows that Von der Leyen does not have any respect for freedom or personal choice; and is incompetent to fulfill the duties of the leader of the Union; and should be removed as soon as possible. This too we fight for.


Vaccines are too important to outsource. European medicines should be produced non-profit, in Europe.

After 2 years of constant mandates and drug pushing, many Europeans simply don't trust vaccines anymore. This is their right. On the other hand, many Europeans also do still trust vaccines. Whether you agree with one group or the other does not matter in this case, as what really matters is that Europeans should always retain the right to decide over their own bodies. The fact that many Europeans retain their trust in vaccines, makes the fact that European society remains 100% dependant on big pharma for our supply of life-saving medication nothing less than insane; as well as an irresponsible oversight of incompetent and self-serving European bureaucrats. This total reliance on big business needs to change!

The past year we have seen what happens when we rely entirely on big pharma to supply our medication, instead of developing our own: Total chaos, lack of trust, infighting, panic and corruption!

Do we want to remain the willing slaves of the global medical industry? Or not? With the +/- 500 billion euros the EU has already invested in the development of covid vaccines and then  buying those same vaccines from the companies we in the first place paid to develop them, the EU could have easily set up our own hight-tech, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, top-knotch vaccine development laboratory, instead of just outsourcing this vital task to some very shady multinationals, who (largely) got these government contracts awarded to them because their boardmembers are related to someone in government (remember the covid contracts scandals in the U.K., for instance? Or the Netherlands …) Examples of this kind of corruption and nepotism are too many to count, but noteable insider traders are known in the Dutch, UK and European governments.

The truth is that the big pharmaceutical companies are little more than parasites and war-profiteers, who having been exempted from liability for their mistakes, yet have received billions from Europe for their research and production!

We believe we can do away with big pharma! Instead, we want to make the development and production of vaccines a responsibility of the (confederal) European government. In the same way that the U.S. government worked to develop the Salk polio vaccine, so can the European government or European Community also take responsibility for the national health of the European population, instead of outsourcing it to big business.


We stand for a free Europe! That includes the right to disagree with the majority.

The past years, have seen how free speech and the right to protest have been attacked by various European governments, all in the name of "keeping society safe". Repressive governments, however, often use the excuse of "security", "safety" and "stability" to restrict fundamental democratic and human rights. We believe that freedom of speech and the right to protest freely are essential parts of any truly democratic society, which is what Europe is supposed to be.

The E.U. cannot claim to care about human rights and openly condemn other countries for the way they suppress human & civil rights, while at the same time not caring about freedom of speech, the right to protest and the threat of increased censorship at home. That is hypocrisy! If we really care about freedom and democracy, we need to start by caring about these fundamental rights at home.

Because we do not believe that companies should have the right to censor the public discourse, we are also against the monopolies the American social media/IT giants have established as the global discussion platform, and propose that these big companies should either be broken up (under anti-monopoly rules) or "internationalized" as a kind of public utility company, similar to the World Wide Web Consortium. Whatever we decide, the current state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue!


Never again a soviet-style internal passport system for the EU, never again QR-codes, CSTs, pas sanitaires... But open internal borders!

After two year of lockdowns, compulsory mask wearing and other restrictive measures, we can safely conclude that the net effect of these measure to limit the spread of the corona virus is minimal at best. At the same time, however, both in Europe as well as globally the draconic and unscientific corona prevention measures have already caused more damage and human suffering than the damned virus itself! We care about preventing human suffering, which is why it horrifies us to know that in 2020 some 18 million people were at risk of starvation, 9 million of which as a direct result of lockdowns and other measures, which was increased to some 360 million people at risk of starvation and 500 million driven to poverty in 2021! According to the head of the World Food Program in 2020: "In 2021, we can expect famines of biblical proportions!" And he has been right.

Beyond that an estimated 500 million people are pushed below the poverty line in the biggest economic depression since the Great Depression. And this isn't just in the 3rd World, in Europe too we see closed shops, a new army of unemployed people, new poverty, people losing their homes, as well as intolerable stress, depressions, a wave of suicides (according to a recent Flemish study: 1 in 4 inhabitants of Flanders had "thoughts of suicide" the past year!), hopelessness, domestic violence, political violence, new wars on the horizon, while our education system has collapsed and our health sectors were completely unprepared (thanks to decades of neoliberal budget cuts). All if this we call "the new normal".

We reject this new reality, but want to restart Europe: By reopening Europe, by dealing with the corona virus in a logical and responsible and humane way, instead of enacting lots of panicky measures which do nothing but plunge Europe into an economic suicide.

This approach is finally taken up by many European governments, who are slowly letting go of the 2-year long "emergency measures". Still, many European contries are still refusing to let their people go. To make things worse: The European Commission is planning on extending the regulations for the "covid certificate" internal passport system, despite the fact that European countries are rapidly abondoning them. This shows how the Commision and the EP are living in their ivory tower, which has nothing to do with ordinary life on the ground.

This needs to change. Which is why we say NO to any kind of European internal passport system (QR-codes, CST, pas sanitaires, whatever) and say YES to direct democracy in the EU!


Putting everything on the cloud is no solution to Europe's democratic deficit. Computers are a tool, not a lifestyle choice.

A democracy cannot exist on the internet alone. I hope you realise that. If so, you appear to be one of the very few in Europe.

The E.U has always been faced with the conundrum of how to organise a political union which has 23 official languages spoken by some 400 million citizens. The way the European Commission has decided to tackle this problem is simply by putting everything on the cloud. Or in other words: The ruling class of the EU decided that we can avoid the need for a common European means of communication by making everything digital and by putting everything online, thereby avoiding the need for people to actually talk to each other.

Worse still, the EU is actively promoting the complete and total digitalization of European civil society, even going so far as to start work on a "digital Euro" - that will let the ECB control what you spend, where you spend it, and what you send it on - and a European "digital ID wallet" - which will combine all your personal ID information in one handy government-managed electronic file, on the cloud. What could possibly go wrong?

Indeed, the radically left-leaning, Marxist & transhumanist branch of the European movement seems to have completely bought into the insane idea that you can solve Europe's current democratic deficit by giving every citizen faster internet, not realizing that throwing more technology at it won't solve the problem, as the heart of the problem lies with the fundamental way the E.U. is organized: Undemocratically.

Yet, the modern European elite seems to believe that "internet = democracy", confusing access to information with having a voice in matters of common importance. In other words: People think that being a keyboard warrior is enough to change the world...

The EU's dedication to the globalist digital agenda goes so deep, in fact, that the EU has taken out a 680 billion euro debt, just to facitilate the "green & digital transition". This, by the way, is one of the real reasons behind the euro's massive inflation and depreciation, as all the 680 billion euros had to be first digitally "printed "by the ECB...

At the same time, however, our schools are collapsing, because we focus too much on "21st century skills" and not enough on actual academic skills, such as reading, writing, thinking and debating. The total digitalization of our school system is not an attractive alternative to actual, physical "old-fashioned" schooling. Remember this: Generations of programmers did not learn how to write programs at school, but they did learn how to read, write and count. Good schooling creates a solid basis for future specialization.

Indeed: A full year of having to work, learn and teach online (2021) has taught us that the internet is not the answer to all our problems, but that we remain humans who also need to live outside of our computers. Beyond that, there is also the ever growing crisis of internet & telephone addiction amongst children & (mostly young) adults, which leads to unhealthier lifestyles and adults who are unable to cope with the challenges of real life. For the sake of future generations, this is something we have to deal with today!

Beyond that, the European National Party is also squarely against the use of voting computers in elections, as these reduce transparancy and increase the opportunity for fraud and ballot stuffing.

In short: We want to focus on the fundamentals first: Proper democracy, real schools (which never close!), personal freedom, real elections, lots of sports, and so on. We believe in real, physical solutions to our problems and understand that neither a European Community nor a European Confederal Superstate (whichever one we choose) can exist in digital form alone. If we really want to create a smooth functioning United Europe, we will have to fight for a Europe that can also survive outside of the internet!


We need to defend ourselves against foreign terror, intrusions, meddling, espionage and cyberattacks. This is one way how.

Crime, terrorism and foreign intelligence agencies do not respect our internal borders. To better combat these, we want to upgrade Europol to the status of a "European FBI" capable of fighting the biggest threats to European security, including a Europe-wide counterintelligence agency, as recent years have shown that we simply need a concerted European defense against foreign spy operations, such as the assassinations carried out by the Russian government in the U.K., the bombing of a Czeck arms depot by Russian operatives, an attempted bombing by Iranian agents in France and Belgium, spying, technology theft and blackmail by the PRC (such as the Chinese cameras in the European Parliament) and so on ...

We need to defend ourselves. This is one way how.


You want the US, China & Russia to take over the solar system? No? Then it's time for Europe to become an independent space power!

Are we willing to let the U.S. and China conquer the Moon and Mars? Because that is what they are preparing for right now! Both America's NASA and China's CSA/CNSA are already carrying out their plans to reach the Red Planet. Whether we like it or not, there is a new Space Race going on, and Europe's not even playing. Because Europe prefers to launch Earth observation satellites, talk a big deal about regulations for space travel and "strategic autonomy", but for actual space exploration we rely entirely on hitching lifts aboard American and Russian spacecraft (such as NASA's Orion & Gateway and Russia's Energia rockets).

Which is stupid, because sometimes you need to look at the future:

1) By not competing, we hand the control of space over to the Americans and the Chinese, who have both made it a matter of national pride to reach and colonize both the Moon and Mars (the PRC has alread announced their plans to build an "international" moon-base). This means that Europe will not have a stake in the colonization of Mars (which is something that will happen, with or without us!), no influence and no foot on the ground! Are we willing to accept a planet Mars that is half American and half Chinese? As Europeans, we need to make it our national, common priority to reach these bodies and stake our claim. As the EFP., it is our desire (and our plan) to see the European flag planted in the red dirt of Mars, because not doing so would just hand that planet over to our direct competitors, at least one of which (the PRC) is an openly fascist dictatorship engaged in ethnic cleansing. Do we really want to hand control over outer space to these people? No! So we have to step up and do this!

2) The resources present on the other bodies of our solar system (such as the various asteroids) are estimated to be practically infinite, we are talking of natural resources worth trillions of euros! By developing an efficient and effective space industry now, we are making a long-term investment that should be able to supply us with all the natural resources Europe would ever need. If we take a long-term view for the development of the European economy, we need to make the exploration of space a priority.

In short: Why should just the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese gain access to outer space? We want Europe to become a global frontrunner in the field of space innovation. This also means that we first need to sort out the organization of ESA: Either it becomes a truly European Space Agency (resorting under the European Confederal Government) with a single Director (instead of the current multitude) or we have to create another European Confederal Space Agency, which becomes the main facilitor of Europe's common space program. To do this, we can take Europe's current EUSPA agency (European Union Space Program Agency) and expand it into a full-fledged EU space agency. This is a priority for us, not just because we want Europe to take a leading position in this growth industry, now that we still have the option, but also because we think that Europeans should be able to aspire to more than just daily life:

A purely European mission to Mars and the Moon would be a great achievement for Europe and an example of what we, as Europeans, can do when we work together. After the past decades of European mediocrity, Europe needs something to be proud of. Mars can be it!


Europe is losing the PR war through indecision, showing a bad example and hypocrisy. No matter what, we remain all inhabitants of the same continent together. Time to realise our common interests and values.

Europe is losing the propaganda war through terrible PR …

Wether you believe in Unity or Cooperation, in the European Confederation or in something else, we remain all inhabitants of the same continent together.

One of the biggest problems that plague the E.U. is the fact that Europe has absolutely TERRIBLE P.R. The European Union has managed to do quite a few amazing things (among the detritus of its more stupid decisions) and could achieve so much more if we reformed into a fully functional confederal union. Indeed, we believe that European Unity & Cooperation is still a useful and necessary antidote to the threat of intra-European war, let alone the threat of the world’s other superpowers, who seem to regards Europe as nothing more than a prize worth fighting over, but never as an equal partner. In other words: There is a lot to say for the prospect of a United Europe.

Nevertheless, the European Union has repeatedly and steadfastly failed at selling itself to the European public. The E.U.'s P.R. machine has consistantly failed at selling its message of unity, hope, peace, striving for a better future and cooperation to those people who actually need to believe in the ideal of a united Europe if we ever want to make it real. And I’m not talking about the eurocrats here. They don’t believe in a United Europe either, they just believe in their untaxed bankaccount. No, I’m talking about the man and woman on the ground, whose income taxes pay for the whole European project, but whose voices do not seem to make a difference in Brussels.

What can we do about this? First of all: We need to stop being afraid of being populist, but on a European scale. In a nutshell: We need to become something akin to Euro-nationalist: Openly pro-European, Europe First! If we want the European Confederation to ever come to be, we need to see that our individual European cultures are all part of a much greater and infinitely rich European meta-culture: A pan-European culture that contrasts strongly with how things are done on the rest of the planet. And I do believe this is true: After centuries of history, Dutch people, French people, Italians and (let’s say) Latvians have more in common with each other than we do with Americans, Chinese or Indians …

The thing is: The whole problem with the E.U. (the reason why it’s failing today) is this ivory tower approach to everything: We can think about it, but we cannot connect with the people whose support we really, really need! Which is why we need to start thinking of ourselves as not just Dutch, French, Belgians, Polish, Czech, and so on ... but next to that, and complimentary to that: United Europeans. We need to bring the ideal of a united Europe out of the clouds and onto the ground, into the streets and with its feet in the mud, by saying:

Screw the European elite! Europe is ours!

Populism for Europe. Propaganda for Europe. Direct democracy for Europe. That's what we need right now!


Let's find a solution for Europe's communication problems; and get totally independent of Anglosaxon America.

We value Europe's guiding principle of "United in Variety" wich means that all 23 official national languages of the E.U. have equal legal status. However, we have to face that fact that you cannot run a single country with 23 official languages that are all used equally, and we see the results of this in practice, where we have 23 official languages, even though some of them (specifically: English, French and German, in that order) are more equal than others …

We see how Europe's smaller languages are slowly but surely being repressed and erased, with significant loss of function, which is especially noticeable in science and higher education). In practice, the modern E.U.'s official language has become English, with secondary roles for French and German. This is simply not good, as the wholesale anglification of the E.U. means an existential threat to all the other languages and cultures of Europe.

One of the biggest problems for European unification is that fact that Europe does not have a single European language of trade, politics and science, which can help to connect Europeans and build a sense of common European identity, yet does not threaten our native languages and cultures.

It does not need to be that way though, as there are other options.

Which is why the ENP proposes a public debate about the adoption of neutral European lingua franca, such as Latin, Europea or Esperanto.

This is a practical problem we can solve, with a little European ingenuity and creative thinking!


By choosing to be a loosely knit but cooperative European Confederation, Europe can become the cultural, technological and democratic centre of the world!

These were the main points, to read the complete unabridged manifesto, continue to here.

When it comes to democracy, freedom, trade & industry, culture, human rights, freedom of the press, innovation & science, defense & space exloration; and everything else that's important, we need to strive to be the global leader!

By choosing to be a loosely knit but cooperative European Confederation, Europe can become the cultural, technological and democratic centre of the world!

We believe that Europe can be a force for good in the world, that a united Europe can shine a bright light in the darkness of the world. We believe that Europe can (and must!) be a positive counterforce to the insanity, recklessness and aggressive ambitions of the U.S., the PRC and Russia. In short: We believe in Europe's potential as a global world power.

To get there, though, we can no longer blindly join in other people's (i.e. America's) little wars, we also have to follow our own economic course in the world (which includes no longer outsourcing all our industry to China), we can no longer give in to the temptation of saving money by neglecting our national defenses (but have to united, organize, innovate and expand!), we also have to get over our distaste for promoting ourselves by openly propagandizing the European Dream. Whether we like it or not, we are currently engaged in a cultural propaganda war fought out behind the screens with the U.S., China and Russia (as well as some others). If we want to survive and be free, and not just be a cultural and economic colony of the Americans and the Chinese, we need to fight for our freedom and our way of life! At the same time, however, we cannot hermetically seal ourselves off from the rest of the world.

We believe that Europe should become the cultural, technological and democratic centre of the world!


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