Bruntian, or Bruntish, is a naturalistic constructed language, based on the Baltic languages, but adapted to include features from many other European (and non-European) languages.

The creation of Bruntian was as a reaction to the frank disappointment I felt (and still feel) to the state of humanity in general and European civilization in particular in the 21st century. It seemed (and still seems) that we, as human being, were forced by an unkind fate to be born into a society that does not really care about such basic human ideals as independence, hard work, thinking before you speak, a basic respect for others, as well as yourself, democracy, freedom, including every human being's basic right to choose, intelligent behaviour, common sense, modesty, pride in the quality of your work and a job well done, a desire to lay the bar high and stretch yourself, intelligent debate (rather than just ranting on social media), the ability to admit it when you are wrong, and indeed also the right to be wrong, the willingness to look at reality as it is, and all the other qualities that once formed the corner stones of Western civilization.

Instead we sit the entire day behind the screens of our computers or smartphones, bingewatching TV-series, playing stupid online videogames that require nothing of our intellectual capabilities, or hurling insults at each other on social media. Worse still, we do not do this just to ourselves, as we make sure our children also become digital addicts, by buying them smartphones before they even know how to read and by making it government policy to put our education system completely on the cloud, to the point where you can go to school without a single book, but not without your smartphone or laptop. It may be an old-fashioned notion, but any civilization where mobile phones are considered more important than books is a lost cause.

Some days (most days, really) it feels as if we are living through the last days of Atlantis. Instead of using our human potential to try and do great things, to look beyond the now and try to create a better future for all, we allow ourselves to be dragged back into the swamp of endemic hatred fueled by propaganda. We have allowed our economies to be built out of fairy dust, rather than actual products you can feel and use, where digitalized money can be created or destroyed with the click of a mouse button. The fact that some of the world's biggest companies today do not actually sell anything (as they are social media platforms) says a lot.

Which is why I have created Bruntish, because I want to start over again, because I feel frustrated at being part of a society that has forgotten how to be a civilized human being, that has forgotten that civilization is about more than playing the latest videogames and watching TV, that has forgotten that democracy is about more than voting once every four years, that cannot seem to understand that education requires more than a laptop, a smartphone and a teacher who is able to correctly repeat the proscribed curriculum.

And I know this may sound a bit arrogant, but I think we can do better. Which is why I want to start over again. With your help.

So please join me in developing this language, which I have named Bruntian, as the start of our new, sane civilization.

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